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This Joke.

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Sometime last month, myself and Carissa trespassed, (according to Occupiers Liability Act 1984) went to June’s university, Sunway University College to kidnap her from her books and have lunch with her.

When I had reached the college premises earlier than Carissa, June told me to wait at the foyer for her. So I did. Well, okay, I explored a little. I walked further into the college and was intrigued by the bank they had just a little above the steps. They had counters as well as a calling number screen. Then June called me on the handphone, as she was unable to find me at the foyer. Then I told her

“I’m at the bank. I didn’t know you had a bank in your college,”

“What bank? We don’t have a bank, Vivian,”

Then when we finally located each other, I showed her the bank, I soon learnt it was the Finance Department.


After strolling back from lunch into the University’s premises, we bumped into a couple of June’s classmates. They reported to us that Cadbury Chocolate and the team were in the cafeteria giving out samples of free chocolates.

Well, what would you know, our legs brought us there hurriedly to see if the good news was true. Yes, we people of little faith.

As we were approaching the group of people  advertising verbally for Cadbury, we were quickly swarmed by them and was offered to tell a 20 second joke in front of the camera. It was in conjunction with some new Chocettes they were promoting.


After much MUCH hesitation but MUCH MORE  pestering encouragement from the Cadbury people and my best friends (who didn’t want to get in the camera but preferred supporting and cheering me on at the side -.-) I finally succumbed to it and decided to be sporting and go ahead with it.

(That time they have not gave us some free samples of the chocettes yet. Lure us there thinking we were in for some free chocolate, but I had to do the video first before I get the chocolates. False misrepresentation, on their intention to treat I tell u.)

After cracking my head for a good joke, I resorted for the stack of jokes printed out by the team. I picked the shortest one, memorised it and went in front of the camera.

The rest is history.

It seems you can vote for me and win cash and the video that is most voted for may get RM10K.

But whatever. Contest ends 31st July. I think. So don’t bother.

Well, after the video taking, I was entitled to a lucky draw. I drawed and won two tickets to watch G. I. Joe. Its such a boy’s movie. Sigh.

But I had chocolate samples after demanding from the Cadbury people ! A few of them. Yum.

Then when I thought about it, I was like damn. Why didn’t I think of this lame joke:

What did cicak A say to cicak B when cicak B fell down from the ceiling?

Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

I hope that had put a smile on your face. If not, just smile lah. Humour me.

But I had so much fun. Maybe its because I spent it with my best friends. They’re one in a million.

For June and Carissa.

The people that would never fail to make me laugh.


Halfway round the world lies the one thing that you want.

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I know every mile would be worth my while.

And I won’t look back. I’ll stay on track.

No, I won’t accept defeat.

Yes, it may be an uphill slope, but I will not loose hope.

Till I go the distance and my journey is complete.

Go the distance by Micheal Bolton.

Thinking of you.

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Isn’t it awhile since I saw some of you guys? Like some of you have dropped out of the face of the earth or something. And I hate to admit it. But I think I miss you guys.

Alyssa Au: Queen of Nonsense as Elyse would call her. Loved the time we hung out at 1U (and you having the privilege of staying at the Condo so near that you could pick me and Lyse up with your sexy Volvo). Loved conversations with you. Loved your company. We should meet up soon, before you head off to Australia.

Chan Teck Sen: This guy, capable of doing hilarious faces when people are taking his pictures. Quite random. Funny. Always late for 8.00am and 9.00am classes. Thank God, he’s during exam not really late. Nice fella though. Thanks for borrowing me your jacket on the freezing bus. Will remember that.

Elyse Ong: Awesome friend I can always count on. Whether its teaching me tough accounting questions or just asking her opinions about stuff, she always does seem to have the answers. I love conversations with you and just hanging out with you, whether its in the library, at lunch at MOS or at PAWS.

Ivan Lim: The awesome class representative! Funny, good listener and a gentleman. I love discussing politics and economics with you and hearing out your opinions. Was cool that you and the guys we’re quite open minded about girls buying tampons at Tioman. You’re one of the person I’d not forget. Especially the time you told me “Girls who can cook are jackpots.” Woots!

Khoo Chun Haw: Well its a shame I didn’t really get to know you well. You were quiet and my mandarin is not really good. But I know you’re quite quite a genius in accounting. Quite awesome at playing Killer in Tioman; till 4am.

Law How Ming: I believe we’re quite tight. I remember how everyday on the way back from college we would encourage each other to push harder studying so we’d get to the University that we had in mind. Its awesome you’re one of the person I know that is coming to law school with me. And of course, thanks for the rides back from college in your sexy car.

Lo Ying Jie: Or also known as Jie Jie. Still remember you act as my son in the LAN video? Its a shame we got to know each other only after A Levels ended. Thanks for teaching me to skate (and I didn’t fall :D), help me sell A Levels books, hearing all my rants and going gym and dance class with me. I know I can count on you (and your driver XD).

Loo Chen Peng: My adorable Chen Peng! She’s very funny and darn cute. Always going for lunch together, sitting together in class — I loved the moments we would try and hide that we didn’t do our homework by not sitting at the side when Ms Pun won’t check. Love your new phone.

Looi Zhi Min: People say he has a rapist face. Well, he’s horny alright, I think. He and Reuben, inseperable. Yuvaraj too, maybe. I think he talks to himself quite abit. Which is really funny. Random, rather. Really smart though. I think you would go far. Because you have big dreams. Right?

Mak Kah Mun: Kah Mun’s really a nice girl. Noticed she’s quite of a caring person. Pretty as well. (Please, stop dieting. You’re not fat) Quite good in accounting too, I reckon? All in all, I know any guy would be lucky to have you. *hints hints*

Reuben Chong: I reckon he’s quite of a witty guy. He and Zhi Min make a good team, well, at making people laugh. Its a shame we didn’t get to know each other that well. I think you give things quite a long thought because you can hold conversations with strong opinions, like the Athiest video we made.

Saw Jin: Your favourite meat is chicken! You’ll definetely hunt for some during lunch when you have the cravings. But never grow fat. Slim and tall. Really nice person. We should go eat pan mee at Face to Face again, like old times.

Tan June Cheng: I reckon June is really hardworking. And smart! Ms Pun’s favourite. I’m glad you’re one of the people that would never refuse to help when I need your help in assignments. Its a shame we didn’t spend prom together.

Teo Min Yee, Mandy: She’s really funny. And loud. She always appear to be quite kan cheong. Buts its really cute. Oh, and also, do stop dieting and complaining you’re fat, because you’re not. Do teach me how to play the violin sometime.

Yap Yuen Kei: The quiet and hardworking girl. But can be quite a character when you have conversations with her. She’s really nice, helpful of course. Slim, maybe its because you have apples for lunch? Maybe I should cultivate that healthy eating habit as well? Hope you’ll head to law school with me.

Yee Yoke Fen: Thanks for going through the past year questions with me over lunch! She’s really helpful. Nice girl. Funny. Can’t stop talking about her brother, for one thing. But I loved your company. And I’ll always remember you climb the steep staircase up to the quiet zone in the library just so you can take a nap there.

Yek Chok Keong: He still hasn’t said sorry for calling me bai chi and pien thai and godknowswhat some more. But he’s funny. When he bullies Ying Jie. Hilarious. And when he’s with Chen Peng, hard to think they’re are not dating. You’re so updated with the latest gadgets. Oh, don’t we love his iPhone and Mac!

(The above is listed according to alphabetical order. And don’t worry, its not how I’d remember you forever. I think.)

0801PB3 did Moot together


Spent an awesome prom night, a night we’ll remember, together


Went on a memorable trip to Tioman and laid on the beach watching the stars, played pool and cards, had a feast, swam in the sea, cooled by the waterfall while jungle trekking

Jungle trekking

Conquered and completed the tough jungle together

Jungle trekking 2

Of course not forgetting that we did the hilarious Merdeka LAN video together and how we surprised Ms Pun with the box full of Kit Kats.

We grew together. Beat the odds. Conquered most. Discovered ourselves. Found out what we were made of. The memories I’d never trade for anything else in the world.

My blessings to you guys in your further undertakings, especially your next chapter in life, entering the university.

I’ll miss you people.


What did you do today to make you feel proud?

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Carissa thinks I worry too much about little things in life. And that I should focus on bigger things in life.

And thats precisely what I am going to do. (:

Forward, forward.

Because life awaits.

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It has been an awesome day. A fantastic one. So good, I just had to blog about it so I’d remember how euphoric I felt.

I finally finally finally found myself sandwiched in between Ying Jie and Hugo on one of the seats in TGV Sunway Pyramid watching Obsessed. Had been wanting to watching this movie even before it was released on 9th July. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch the amazinglysmashingsexy Beyonce? Well, I love her to death a great deal and I promised myself I had to watch it.


I’d rate this movie a 9.5/10. Okay, Since I’m in such a good mood, I don’t have a problem giving it a 10/10. I mean, it was REALLY good. It was thrilling to watch. I loved the plot. Loved the stars and how they brought their respective characters to the big screen. Loved everything. So much to the extent I came out of the cinema smiling and kept repeating how amazing the movie was.

Well, I’m not going to tell you what the movie is about because it’ll just spoil everything. Watch the trailer on Youtube if you must. Its amazing how they can look sexy while fighting. Yes, literally clawing into each other.

We had a good dinner before the movie. Dinner was great — just talking nonsense with Hugo and laughing along with Ying Jie at Carl’s JR. Those two are seriously entertaining. (By the way Dot, the Portebello Mushroom Burger isn’t as orgasmic like you said it would be. The Teriyaki one, I reckon, is better!)

After the movie, we had Ying Jie’s driver drop us at SS15’s McDonald’s as Pyramid was closing soon. And so we continued our yacking there, while Hugo had Coke and me and Ying Jie a Choco Top ice cream sundae.

No doubt we were just friends, they were perfect gentlemen themselves; without any feel of awkwardness to it. If you asked me, simple gestures like being punctual, going out of the way to pick me up, holding the door, letting me walk first, opening the car door and closing it is enough to get me impressed. But I guess its that even when we were just friends, its really nothing wrong to them appearing as a gentleman to a normal friend. I only know a handful of men like that. Chivalry extinct much?

It was a fantastic day indeed. And just when you think things can’t get any better, I received a text all the way from London, from my cousin, Robert. I’ve missed him quite terribly! I’ve also received a message from Robert’s friend, Jim. And I’m glad that I learnt he passed his exams in Sheffield with flying colours! Congrats, Jim!

I can’t help but smile. Because life is just amazing. Well, move forward right? Don’t let anything hold you back. Because it has been far too long. Because you’re worth it. Because life awaits. (:

The Prom Queen.

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Couple of days before Carissa’s prom night, we went shopping. I gladly shared my prom night experience with her. It was indeed a night to remember.

I offered her to have her make up done. And she, being amazingly gracious, agreed and trusted me with the job of doing her make up. I wasn’t professional or anything and it was her prom night. And she wasn’t afraid I’d mess up.

So she came over couple of hours before prom would commence. Hence I did not need to rush through the job. That time she had her hair all done up already. She looked gorgeous. Her boyfriend, Ming told me she’s pretty enough without make up. And I truly agree with him.

So we chatted, and I did what she wanted me to; give her a smoky eye effect. And viola. Ms Gorgeous:


I Think I must have asked her about a hundred times if she liked it or not. Thank God she really did. 😀


I felt absolutely ecstatic seeing how much she loved it.

Carissa: I love the eyes. And I love you too!

Vivie: Love you too.

And I’m absolutely proud to say tell the whole world that MY BEST FRIEND won prom queen that night! 😀

Prom Queen

My very own Carissa Gan Chu Yi. 🙂

For more, check out her blog at

    Reading law in UK.

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    So Cambridge A Levels has been played. A beautiful symphony, I would say. There were parts to be played in a crescendo. Some piano. Other parts, ritard. It had high notes. Low notes as well. And many exciting rhythmic semiquavers. Then, fine. Finally reached its very last note.

    Sure there were hiccups. I did not get all the notes and dynamics right, but it was beautiful. This symphony, this piece was beautiful. A Levels, or rather, College taught me alot. I grew, indefinitely. It was a journey I’d never trade for anything else. Ever.

    So whats next?

    Results are coming out in the 10th of August. So meanwhile I do try to pass my time wisely, like how mummy and daddy tells me to. Other than the reading, Sudoku and catching up with politics, I reckon I’d be looking for an internship at a law firm soon.

    University applications? Done. Thank you Jesus.

    You have no idea about the countless nights I’d stay up (after my A2 finals, that is) flipping through prospectuses, scanning the choices and lists of subjects taught in the first year, second and third. About what the students think of the university. What the university says about itself. On top of that, analysing UK university rankings for law online till the eyes were almost sore. If you were an applicant you’d know what I’m talking about.

    So, finally, I’ve decided. University of Cardiff would be my firm choice and University of Leeds, my insurance.

    But. Yes, there is a but. I’ve deferred my entry to September 2010. Why? I’m opting for a scholarship. And applications for scholarships only open next year around March. Its worth a shot. Won’t loose anything trying, right! We’ll keep our fingers crossed on that, won’t we? However, this is Plan B.

    What’s Plan A? Somehow every time I when I flip though the University of Reading prospectus, it gives me butterflies. So, I’ve decided, I’d love to do a twinning program with Reading, 2+1 via Taylor’s Law School. Point of entry, 5th October. If this doesn’t work, I’d do a 2+1 credit transfer in the law school of Help University College.

    And God willing, if I ever get a scholarship from any organisations, private international companies, government linked companies (GLCs) to do a law degree 3 years, I’d go ahead. And of course I’d have to stop my course in Taylor’s or Help to go with Plan B.

    Oh, and I also plan to give a shot at Australian universities.

    Yes, many plans. Uncertain ones. We’ll see where God puts me at last.

    It may seem cliche. But indeed, if you do your very very best, God will do the rest.