As I sat down, he made his way towards me and made himself comfortable in the seat in front of me. We then started talking. Did a little catching up on each other as we have not spoken in awhile.

Then he paused and looked into my eyes. He then uttered these two words, “You’re different,”

I raised my eyebrows and asked subtlety “In what way? Well, you can tell me if my hair’s not right or anything like that. I don’t mind,”

“No, its not like that. Its you. You’re different. You’ve changed. You’re not like you used to be. Maybe its the way you talk. I can’t quite put my finger on it. But your definitely different. A good kind of different,”

“Yeah, I guess.. I’ve grown alot,”

And that was the time I realised, I have, indefinitely changed-for the better, or rather, grew up.

And it felt amazing.

Like one of my dearly close friend, Elyse would say “Its amazing how we grow so much more in one year of college in comparison to the five years in high school”

I definitely agree with that.

I just remembered!

It was on 31st December 2008 and I spent my count down to the new year in church and Dorothy was sitting next to me. We were asked to share about how the year 2008 has been.

Me: Well, I think the year has taught me alot. I think I’ve grown tremendously.

Dot:  Sideways?

Okay, you’ve got to admit, that was funny!

Well, folks, I think, this would be my first major.  😀


3 Responses to “Different.”

  1. I SAID THAT? are u sure? hahaha!

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      YES. I remember it vividly. Then I glare at you for awhile. Then replied, “Yeah. Actually got grow sideways too,” TEEHEE.

  2. hahaha! hmm.. then this year’s watch nite i must say something else lo! 😛

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