Reading law in UK.

So Cambridge A Levels has been played. A beautiful symphony, I would say. There were parts to be played in a crescendo. Some piano. Other parts, ritard. It had high notes. Low notes as well. And many exciting rhythmic semiquavers. Then, fine. Finally reached its very last note.

Sure there were hiccups. I did not get all the notes and dynamics right, but it was beautiful. This symphony, this piece was beautiful. A Levels, or rather, College taught me alot. I grew, indefinitely. It was a journey I’d never trade for anything else. Ever.

So whats next?

Results are coming out in the 10th of August. So meanwhile I do try to pass my time wisely, like how mummy and daddy tells me to. Other than the reading, Sudoku and catching up with politics, I reckon I’d be looking for an internship at a law firm soon.

University applications? Done. Thank you Jesus.

You have no idea about the countless nights I’d stay up (after my A2 finals, that is) flipping through prospectuses, scanning the choices and lists of subjects taught in the first year, second and third. About what the students think of the university. What the university says about itself. On top of that, analysing UK university rankings for law online till the eyes were almost sore. If you were an applicant you’d know what I’m talking about.

So, finally, I’ve decided. University of Cardiff would be my firm choice and University of Leeds, my insurance.

But. Yes, there is a but. I’ve deferred my entry to September 2010. Why? I’m opting for a scholarship. And applications for scholarships only open next year around March. Its worth a shot. Won’t loose anything trying, right! We’ll keep our fingers crossed on that, won’t we? However, this is Plan B.

What’s Plan A? Somehow every time I when I flip though the University of Reading prospectus, it gives me butterflies. So, I’ve decided, I’d love to do a twinning program with Reading, 2+1 via Taylor’s Law School. Point of entry, 5th October. If this doesn’t work, I’d do a 2+1 credit transfer in the law school of Help University College.

And God willing, if I ever get a scholarship from any organisations, private international companies, government linked companies (GLCs) to do a law degree 3 years, I’d go ahead. And of course I’d have to stop my course in Taylor’s or Help to go with Plan B.

Oh, and I also plan to give a shot at Australian universities.

Yes, many plans. Uncertain ones. We’ll see where God puts me at last.

It may seem cliche. But indeed, if you do your very very best, God will do the rest.


2 Responses to “Reading law in UK.”

  1. Hellooo! I like reading your posts. 😀 And I’ve also changed uni plans as well – either HELP or gap year (straight to UK in 2010). 😉 It’s so uncertain though, sigh.

  2. symphonyofmine Says:

    Thanks. I absolutely love reading your blog too! Love how you phrase things. Ah yes. I get what you mean. Yup, I think that’s similar to what I have in mind. 🙂

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