Because life awaits.

It has been an awesome day. A fantastic one. So good, I just had to blog about it so I’d remember how euphoric I felt.

I finally finally finally found myself sandwiched in between Ying Jie and Hugo on one of the seats in TGV Sunway Pyramid watching Obsessed. Had been wanting to watching this movie even before it was released on 9th July. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch the amazinglysmashingsexy Beyonce? Well, I love her to death a great deal and I promised myself I had to watch it.


I’d rate this movie a 9.5/10. Okay, Since I’m in such a good mood, I don’t have a problem giving it a 10/10. I mean, it was REALLY good. It was thrilling to watch. I loved the plot. Loved the stars and how they brought their respective characters to the big screen. Loved everything. So much to the extent I came out of the cinema smiling and kept repeating how amazing the movie was.

Well, I’m not going to tell you what the movie is about because it’ll just spoil everything. Watch the trailer on Youtube if you must. Its amazing how they can look sexy while fighting. Yes, literally clawing into each other.

We had a good dinner before the movie. Dinner was great — just talking nonsense with Hugo and laughing along with Ying Jie at Carl’s JR. Those two are seriously entertaining. (By the way Dot, the Portebello Mushroom Burger isn’t as orgasmic like you said it would be. The Teriyaki one, I reckon, is better!)

After the movie, we had Ying Jie’s driver drop us at SS15’s McDonald’s as Pyramid was closing soon. And so we continued our yacking there, while Hugo had Coke and me and Ying Jie a Choco Top ice cream sundae.

No doubt we were just friends, they were perfect gentlemen themselves; without any feel of awkwardness to it. If you asked me, simple gestures like being punctual, going out of the way to pick me up, holding the door, letting me walk first, opening the car door and closing it is enough to get me impressed. But I guess its that even when we were just friends, its really nothing wrong to them appearing as a gentleman to a normal friend. I only know a handful of men like that. Chivalry extinct much?

It was a fantastic day indeed. And just when you think things can’t get any better, I received a text all the way from London, from my cousin, Robert. I’ve missed him quite terribly! I’ve also received a message from Robert’s friend, Jim. And I’m glad that I learnt he passed his exams in Sheffield with flying colours! Congrats, Jim!

I can’t help but smile. Because life is just amazing. Well, move forward right? Don’t let anything hold you back. Because it has been far too long. Because you’re worth it. Because life awaits. (:


2 Responses to “Because life awaits.”

  1. Reallyyy 😦 I didn’t like the show much. The cat fight part was more funny than it was exciting!

    I miss you, Vivie! I think a meet-up is in order πŸ™‚ Now that I’m in possession of my car again… no excuses!

  2. symphonyofmine Says:

    Haha! you’re like Hugo. He was laughing through the movie like it was a comedy. -.-” Yes lah babe, just so you know, i blardy enjoyed myself chatting with you at McD that night. Love conversations with you.

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