Thinking of you.

Isn’t it awhile since I saw some of you guys? Like some of you have dropped out of the face of the earth or something. And I hate to admit it. But I think I miss you guys.

Alyssa Au: Queen of Nonsense as Elyse would call her. Loved the time we hung out at 1U (and you having the privilege of staying at the Condo so near that you could pick me and Lyse up with your sexy Volvo). Loved conversations with you. Loved your company. We should meet up soon, before you head off to Australia.

Chan Teck Sen: This guy, capable of doing hilarious faces when people are taking his pictures. Quite random. Funny. Always late for 8.00am and 9.00am classes. Thank God, he’s during exam not really late. Nice fella though. Thanks for borrowing me your jacket on the freezing bus. Will remember that.

Elyse Ong: Awesome friend I can always count on. Whether its teaching me tough accounting questions or just asking her opinions about stuff, she always does seem to have the answers. I love conversations with you and just hanging out with you, whether its in the library, at lunch at MOS or at PAWS.

Ivan Lim: The awesome class representative! Funny, good listener and a gentleman. I love discussing politics and economics with you and hearing out your opinions. Was cool that you and the guys we’re quite open minded about girls buying tampons at Tioman. You’re one of the person I’d not forget. Especially the time you told me “Girls who can cook are jackpots.” Woots!

Khoo Chun Haw: Well its a shame I didn’t really get to know you well. You were quiet and my mandarin is not really good. But I know you’re quite quite a genius in accounting. Quite awesome at playing Killer in Tioman; till 4am.

Law How Ming: I believe we’re quite tight. I remember how everyday on the way back from college we would encourage each other to push harder studying so we’d get to the University that we had in mind. Its awesome you’re one of the person I know that is coming to law school with me. And of course, thanks for the rides back from college in your sexy car.

Lo Ying Jie: Or also known as Jie Jie. Still remember you act as my son in the LAN video? Its a shame we got to know each other only after A Levels ended. Thanks for teaching me to skate (and I didn’t fall :D), help me sell A Levels books, hearing all my rants and going gym and dance class with me. I know I can count on you (and your driver XD).

Loo Chen Peng: My adorable Chen Peng! She’s very funny and darn cute. Always going for lunch together, sitting together in class — I loved the moments we would try and hide that we didn’t do our homework by not sitting at the side when Ms Pun won’t check. Love your new phone.

Looi Zhi Min: People say he has a rapist face. Well, he’s horny alright, I think. He and Reuben, inseperable. Yuvaraj too, maybe. I think he talks to himself quite abit. Which is really funny. Random, rather. Really smart though. I think you would go far. Because you have big dreams. Right?

Mak Kah Mun: Kah Mun’s really a nice girl. Noticed she’s quite of a caring person. Pretty as well. (Please, stop dieting. You’re not fat) Quite good in accounting too, I reckon? All in all, I know any guy would be lucky to have you. *hints hints*

Reuben Chong: I reckon he’s quite of a witty guy. He and Zhi Min make a good team, well, at making people laugh. Its a shame we didn’t get to know each other that well. I think you give things quite a long thought because you can hold conversations with strong opinions, like the Athiest video we made.

Saw Jin: Your favourite meat is chicken! You’ll definetely hunt for some during lunch when you have the cravings. But never grow fat. Slim and tall. Really nice person. We should go eat pan mee at Face to Face again, like old times.

Tan June Cheng: I reckon June is really hardworking. And smart! Ms Pun’s favourite. I’m glad you’re one of the people that would never refuse to help when I need your help in assignments. Its a shame we didn’t spend prom together.

Teo Min Yee, Mandy: She’s really funny. And loud. She always appear to be quite kan cheong. Buts its really cute. Oh, and also, do stop dieting and complaining you’re fat, because you’re not. Do teach me how to play the violin sometime.

Yap Yuen Kei: The quiet and hardworking girl. But can be quite a character when you have conversations with her. She’s really nice, helpful of course. Slim, maybe its because you have apples for lunch? Maybe I should cultivate that healthy eating habit as well? Hope you’ll head to law school with me.

Yee Yoke Fen: Thanks for going through the past year questions with me over lunch! She’s really helpful. Nice girl. Funny. Can’t stop talking about her brother, for one thing. But I loved your company. And I’ll always remember you climb the steep staircase up to the quiet zone in the library just so you can take a nap there.

Yek Chok Keong: He still hasn’t said sorry for calling me bai chi and pien thai and godknowswhat some more. But he’s funny. When he bullies Ying Jie. Hilarious. And when he’s with Chen Peng, hard to think they’re are not dating. You’re so updated with the latest gadgets. Oh, don’t we love his iPhone and Mac!

(The above is listed according to alphabetical order. And don’t worry, its not how I’d remember you forever. I think.)

0801PB3 did Moot together


Spent an awesome prom night, a night we’ll remember, together


Went on a memorable trip to Tioman and laid on the beach watching the stars, played pool and cards, had a feast, swam in the sea, cooled by the waterfall while jungle trekking

Jungle trekking

Conquered and completed the tough jungle together

Jungle trekking 2

Of course not forgetting that we did the hilarious Merdeka LAN video together and how we surprised Ms Pun with the box full of Kit Kats.

We grew together. Beat the odds. Conquered most. Discovered ourselves. Found out what we were made of. The memories I’d never trade for anything else in the world.

My blessings to you guys in your further undertakings, especially your next chapter in life, entering the university.

I’ll miss you people.



14 Responses to “Thinking of you.”

  1. And you missed…

    Vivian Kuan: One seriously awesome babe with big dreams and even bigger potential to achieve them all. One of the easiest, most unjudgmental, open-minded people to talk to, and an all-round great friend. Also reputedly the best screamer in volleyball. And has the best nails ever.


  2. hey there!!lol i miss those A level days where there’s no assignments and deadlines to meet…i think i’m embarking another ardous journey (currently taking biz course in monash) too soon…Sweet of you to actually spend time writing bout us…haha…anyway i’m still climbing to the 3rd floor of lib in monash just for morning nap (just that i can take a lift now)How are you lately?Still working in law firm?well, whatever it is enjoy!All the Best!

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      YYF: Hahahaha Yoke Fen! Old habits die hard! Good lah, can take lift now. Don’t have to worry when climbing up stairs wearing skirts. :S Yes, I think the law firm is confirming with me tomorrow if they’re offering me the job. Thanks for asking! All the best in Monash Business School. Do Miss Pun proud with you accounting skills.

  3. sorry vivian wahahah… u are not only bao chi…

  4. chenpeng Says:

    aiyoo, accept the facts that ‘chenpeng is not with chokkeong’ and ‘chenpeng and chokkeong is not dating’ lol
    and…. i miss you too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      chenpeng: Haha, yes my dear. Miss you more. Miss sitting beside you and having you send me all the funny tones from your phone. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. yingjie Says:

    not bad..

  6. WALAU-WEH…. I don’t like the way you structured my part lah. You defamed me first in the earlier remarks – albeit they’re quite true to a certain extent; ahem ahem – which will chase off all (if not, most) of the girls, before passing pleasant compliments in the later part. Unfair!!! *Picketing*

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      ZhiMin: Hahahaha. Actually its can’t be defamation cos what I said is true. You even admitted it. Btw ZM, how can you not club? -.- I thought you were those party animal type. You know, considering you drink alot.

  7. AAWWWW ๐Ÿ™‚ (except for the nonsense part. stares at elyse! grr!)

    i think im abit outdated. haha. i just read it today.
    anyways, you’re so sweet! didnt know you had a blog!

    thanks for being such an awesome friend to hang out with and YES, the NAIL ART QUEEN ok. *salute* so.. heheh.. when can you come do my nails? ๐Ÿ˜›

    we totally need to meet up sometime! miss you loads babe!

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      Hahaha I’m glad you’ve read it. Some of them didn’t comment, dunno they got read or not lol. You’re awesome lah babe. So gonna miss you when u fly off.

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