This Joke.

Sometime last month, myself and Carissa trespassed, (according to Occupiers Liability Act 1984) went to June’s university, Sunway University College to kidnap her from her books and have lunch with her.

When I had reached the college premises earlier than Carissa, June told me to wait at the foyer for her. So I did. Well, okay, I explored a little. I walked further into the college and was intrigued by the bank they had just a little above the steps. They had counters as well as a calling number screen. Then June called me on the handphone, as she was unable to find me at the foyer. Then I told her

“I’m at the bank. I didn’t know you had a bank in your college,”

“What bank? We don’t have a bank, Vivian,”

Then when we finally located each other, I showed her the bank, I soon learnt it was the Finance Department.


After strolling back from lunch into the University’s premises, we bumped into a couple of June’s classmates. They reported to us that Cadbury Chocolate and the team were in the cafeteria giving out samples of free chocolates.

Well, what would you know, our legs brought us there hurriedly to see if the good news was true. Yes, we people of little faith.

As we were approaching the group of people  advertising verbally for Cadbury, we were quickly swarmed by them and was offered to tell a 20 second joke in front of the camera. It was in conjunction with some new Chocettes they were promoting.


After much MUCH hesitation but MUCH MORE  pestering encouragement from the Cadbury people and my best friends (who didn’t want to get in the camera but preferred supporting and cheering me on at the side -.-) I finally succumbed to it and decided to be sporting and go ahead with it.

(That time they have not gave us some free samples of the chocettes yet. Lure us there thinking we were in for some free chocolate, but I had to do the video first before I get the chocolates. False misrepresentation, on their intention to treat I tell u.)

After cracking my head for a good joke, I resorted for the stack of jokes printed out by the team. I picked the shortest one, memorised it and went in front of the camera.

The rest is history.

It seems you can vote for me and win cash and the video that is most voted for may get RM10K.

But whatever. Contest ends 31st July. I think. So don’t bother.

Well, after the video taking, I was entitled to a lucky draw. I drawed and won two tickets to watch G. I. Joe. Its such a boy’s movie. Sigh.

But I had chocolate samples after demanding from the Cadbury people ! A few of them. Yum.

Then when I thought about it, I was like damn. Why didn’t I think of this lame joke:

What did cicak A say to cicak B when cicak B fell down from the ceiling?

Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

I hope that had put a smile on your face. If not, just smile lah. Humour me.

But I had so much fun. Maybe its because I spent it with my best friends. They’re one in a million.

For June and Carissa.

The people that would never fail to make me laugh.


5 Responses to “This Joke.”

  1. You’re so sweet babe!! U shld’ve posted the video here:) its so cute!.

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      Haha. Thanks. No babe. Its so NOT cute. Hilarious. But painful to watch. Well, for me, at least.


  3. […] you’ve read my previous post This Joke, I’ve won two free tickets to watch G. I. Joe and I had Jo Lynn to come along with […]

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