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Thank you.

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Thank you for this awesome job in a law firm.

Thank you for a really nice boss.

Thank you for allowing me to learn so much.

Thank you for really cool colleagues.

Thank you for the strength.

Thank you for showing me that I should focus on larger things in life.

Thank you for best friends that share their ice creams.

Thank you for my A Levels results.

Thank you for allowing me to go to the law school I want to go to.

Thank you for this awesome night of barbeque and boozing with my classmates.

Thank you for awesome friends like Ivan for going all the way out to buy more food and ordering three large pizza to fill our tummies.

Thank you for amazing people that pick me up for badminton and cell every Thursday and Friday.

Thank you for soul mates that embrace each other’s differences and celebrate each other’s successes.

Thank you for people that never fail to make me laugh.

Thank you for enabling me to always see the bigger picture in situations.

Thank you for friends that listen and encourage as well, after I listen and encourage them.

Thank you for a pay raise (in just two weeks of working with the company).

Thank you for a holiday this weekend at the beach.

Thank you for Mummy’s awesome cooking and baking.

Thank you for Daddy who’s always wanting me to be the best.

Thank you for preparing me for my piano concert.

Thank you for a great cell leader and an assistant leader that are not just leaders, but friends.

Thank you for parents who trust me and not give me curfews.

Thank you for Mummy bringing me to eat my favourite foods for working lunch breaks.

Thank you for the overflowing joy that it may be contagious to the people around.

Thank you for blessing me so that I may bless others.

Thank you for giving to me so that I may give back.

Thank you.


Girl’s Night Out. Strictly.

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Last Wednesday, the girls and I decided to head for Pyramid. Hit the movies and pamper ourselves with New Zealand ice cream.

Oh yes, excited was I, to dump the files at the office after work and rush to Pyramid to meet the two gorgeous.

As there were not many movie options to choose from, based on the time we have to be home, we decided to have a nice long conversational dinner.

After catching up, we went, yes, you’ve got it right. SHOPPING!

Carrie got herself a torquise tank top from Forever 21.


Then, it was ice cream time!


The prom queen won two years supply of New Zealand ice cream. This, my friend, is called, positive externality. Well, for me and June.

We were allowed to choose two flavours to fill that big tub. Carrie gladly allowed us to have the two choices. Such a blessing, ey. I chose the Hokey Pokey (honey, folded in creamy layers of ice cream and bits of crunchy butterscotch) and June chose the Mint & Chocolate Chip Kisses (a refreshing taste of mint flavoured ice cream with generous portions of big chocolate chips swirled together).


Hokey Pokey+ Mint & Chocolate Chip Kisses

Then, we fooled around



IMG_2928We tried to act lala. Tried.

But we had a great time. Laughed and ate. And laugh some more. And ate some more. And checked out ice hockey players.

Then, I realised, whatever I ever needed, I already have. Because I really don’t know what to ask for anymore. Yes, I am blessed. Immensely.

I have them.


June: Vie you deserve better.

Vie: I already have the best. Its you and Carrie.


And thank you, prom queen. For letting us have a share of your New Zealand ice cream. Have fun in Australia. Missing you quite terribly.


The joy of working.

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I recently had myself opting for jobs, calling up various law firms, sending in resumes, going for interviews, trying for big and well known firms, as well as small and personal ones. And I had a few that offered me the internship, but I chose the one I thought was most convenient and I thought was the right place to intern at. Its amazing how things turn out when you follow your intuitions.

I know now I’ve made the right decision. The staffs are indeed really helpful and friendly. There’s never a dull moment in the office. We laugh at our mistakes and inside jokes, help each other and well, be efficient in our work, of course. They help me when I’m unsure about work, and I help them speak to mandarin speaking clients.

My boss as well, is very down to earth and ready to teach and guide me. But he somehow is always in hurry. Busy man. I respect him. He’s a nice guy. I’d make sure my job is done with minimal or no mistakes. Accurate, precise, and fast. And I think he’s happy with it. I work for his company, and I have a role of doing my best in my job. So that is what I would be doing till I finish my internship with this firm.

He refers to me as his assistant or sexytary secretary, when addressing me to his clients. He makes me feel apart of the company by asking clients to ‘call Vivian if you have any enquiries’. Isn’t that awesome in itself?

Actually, I do take down his notes, calls from clients and sometimes called to the conference room to assist him when he meets his clients. Except that I don’t trot around in mini skirts and revealing tops lah.

I’ve been learning immensely. More than the amount I’ve learnt at my previous internship at a law firm last year, during my summer A Levels break. And I am enjoy working here, more than I did, at the previous law firm.

Its all about Land Law, baby. From preparing the Sale and Purchase documents, doing adjudications online, preparing documents for land search, typing letters to the vendor’s solicitors to talking to strangers clients on the phone, holding up a confident but friendly voice (not giving them room to suspect I’m just a 19 year old girl). Its all such a good experience.

I also had a taste of litigation, not criminal, but civil cases. I helped one of the lawyers prepare a Letter of Demand before filing a case against the default of payments, which would result to a court proceeding.

However, there are of course, quirks to the job. Like how clients don’t pick up their phones, and me having to call them a hundred times a day until I swear I could memorise their phone numbers, working for a lawyer that has a doctor’s handwriting

Image145Thank God, my colleague, Yati reads my boss’s language. I’d have to disturb her now and then to ask her what does this scribble mean. And miraculously, she knows! By the way, the above is one of his best handwriting.

Also, having to put up with my computer that sometimes decides to retaliate against me by not wanting to connect to the other networks, printer and internet. I have to save my documents in a thumbdrive and run to Yati’s computer to print it out.

Yati: Kesiannya, printer selalu tak boleh connect.

Vie: Ye lah, kesian, kan!

Yati: *smirks* Sikit saje.

She’s so cute lah.

But there are things that would make my day. My first day, as I was climbing up the stairs, I saw this sign on the door of one of the other office.

Image138I stood there for abit, laughing, before going on my way.

I have so much to tell. And this is just the first week of work. I absolutely love my job. I’m happy working and giving my best.

Alrighty, I better be heading for bed. Going to get my arse up for a jog and accompany mummy to the market after that. Then, have a yummy breakfast before heading for work and then piano class. Maybe one of the lawyers, Nava is going to allow me to tag along with her to court for a saman case. Yup, busy day. Keeping myself occupied. And feeling quite fantastic.

God is indeed good great.

Little heavenly indulgences.

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After registering for IELTS with daddy, I headed over to Jo Lynn’s house and both of us left for Cineleisure.

If you’ve read my previous post This Joke, I’ve won two free tickets to watch G. I. Joe and I had Jo Lynn to come along with me.

We headed for Paddington House of Pancakes for lunch, at Curve. Heaven in a plate, I tell you. It was really good. Something, different, yet unique. Okay, if I go on describing it, I’ll get hungrier. I’d upload the video I took of Jo indulging in her serving of Pancakes at Paddingtons but she might just kill me. So I’ll just show you some pics I got off the net to show you how our lunch looked like.

Full Monty.Jo had the Full Monty. Two or three freshly made pancakes, with gravy waiting to be smothered over, slices of pepperoni tossed on top, together with a sunny side up, and a scoop of mash potatoes, fresh salad, sausages, and baked beans at the side.

Tokyo.I had the Tokyo. Grilled chicken in tomato puree, with melted cheese and slices of ham tossed on top, a helping of mash potatoes and olives, and vegetables rolled in a tortilla placed at the side.

After a satisfying lunch and a happy tummy, we headed for G. I Joe in Cineleisure. We had free seatings so we picked the best seats we could get. And the funniest thing happened.

They were couple seats. Well, at least thats what we thought for the first few minutes. So Jo felt a little awkward. I for one do not have a problem with it. So I kacau her lah, by touching her lap and arms. After whacking me and fidgeting for abit, she found the arm rest and realised it was up, and quickly shoved it down. I didn’t see that there was any difference. But I had I good laugh.

I had a good time. The movie itself was really good. If you’d know me well, I’m not a huge fan of boy’s movies. But this one was really good. It was sexy, unpredictable, their graphics were not bad, and the scenes, they blow you away. I wouldn’t mind watching it again, really.

G. I Joe.I think she’s hot.

G. I Joe.Jo thinks he’s hot.

Such a turn on, if I were to watch this movie with a guy.

After that, we went to Borders to indulge in some books, magazines and a frap from Starbucks in Borders. And so we did, just sat there, each of us deep into the pages of the magazines, pampering ourselves to the Caramel Cream Frappucinno.


After that, we headed to church for the Saturday Service, before Simply Fusion for dinner in Jaya One where we had a sinful dinner (with Danny and Benedict whom we met there). But for now, sinful is good. Its all good. Then she came over to my place to hang before she headed back home.

Even then, her chanting was still in my head. “To the windows, to the windows. To the walls, to the walls. Till the sweat drip down my balls. And all you bitches crawl,”. Its from her watching The Proposal a hundred times.

Oh yes, we had an awesome day. These are the little things that make me happy. I find joy spending time with my friends. Yeap, you can say I’m simple, and my criteria for an awesome day is easy because easily satisfied and pleased.Yeah, its all about simplicity.

I learnt that life’s just too short to stop for people that rob you of your happiness.

I’m not gonna run away, but let me go. Cause I’m letting go.

Peter Pan & Wendy turned out fine, so won’t you fly with me?

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Vivian isn’t a fan of Nick Jonas but definitely has a thing for men in a white shirt, with buffed arms, playing the piano.



From the video Fly With Me by The Jonas Brothers.

Hambuhini Kwok-Choy Yun Yun.

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Introducing to you, Hambuhini Kwok-Choy Yun Yun, child hamster of Choy Siew Fong and Kevin Kwok. No, they didn’t give birth to a hamster. They adopted one, or rather bought themselves the adorable thing at Taylor’s Charity Carnival today. Parents in training. Damn semangat.

You must be wondering, what an odd name. Ham is derived from the word hamster, bu I’m not so sure, hini whereas is from the many cases of H1N1 nowadays. Kwok is Siew Fong’s boyfriend’s surname, Choy is Siew Fong’s surname, and Yun Yun I have no idea but I was told its pronounced as Rong Rong in chinese. Don’t torture yourself if you can’t remember the name. Just Hini, for short, is fine.

I was introduced to her (yes, Hini a she) when I invaded Siew Fong’s apartment after heading back from a movie and dinner. We did alot of catching up. Missed her so much. So glad we can hang more during lunch breaks after uni starts. *hopes with fingers crossed our breaks overlap*


We watched The Proposal! Indeed a good show. Many who’ve watched it came back and told me it was good. They certainly did not lie about that.


I’m all about romantic comedies and chick flicks. Predictable. But yet it gets me everytime. There were some parts that were quite hilarious. I literally laughed my ass head off.

But apart from the movie, I absolutely enjoyed her company. I fell I can talk to her about anything and everything and be myself around her. And she understands and is not stingy with her opinions and advices. There were many many things I shared with her and she in turned listened and told me what she thought, and I soon begin to see things differently. And what she’d tell me may not be the things I’d love to hear, but they made sense.

After dinner, I gave her that dress I bought for her, together with a card. I promised that I’d buy her a dress few months back for her birthday. It was a short black ‘v’ neck dress with shiny diamonds at the top.

After movie we headed back to her place and she tried it on. And let me tell you, she looked amazingly hot and slim in it. It was a perfect fit. Not too short or too long. And she absolutely loved it. She said she’s going to wear it for the one year dinner anniversary with Kevin. I was esctatic.

Then she went on to show me her prom dress. Bright red, halter, ‘v’ neck, with shiny sequins at the top. Marilyn Monroe-ish. It was HAWT. And her gold and black heels, earings and bracelet. She has never showed it to a single soul other than her mom (cos they bought it together). I was absolutely honoured to be the first.

Next movie outing would be Ghost of Girlfriends Past, yes? Thankyouverymuch. Till then, lotsoflove.


When we met up in the mall –

SF: Viv, you look tired. Like half dead.

Vie: Really? Sorry lah. Just came from work. Am tired. But work was enjoyable!

SF: Haha. Okay, okay. Half alive then.

Vie: Yea, half alive sounds better than half dead. :B

Yup, I’ll blog about work soon. Work. Where do I even start?

Witty lines.

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Gah. Since I’m stressing on tomorrow, let me keep my mind off by entertaining me you with someĀ  funny lines I remember vividly these past few days.

Daryll: Viv, could you not wear that pants next time when you’re playing badminton?

Vivie: Why, you have a problem with it?

Daryll: Yeah. A tiny bit problem.

Vivie: Then deal with it.


Vivie:(I had on my msn personal message) I’m not afraid of the dark. So baby, turn off the lights.

Hugo:(IM-ed me) But I’m afraid of the dark, so if you turn off the lights would you let me hug you.

Haha I didn’t see that coming!