How love comes.

I woke up today. Looked out of the window, and I could immediately tell that today was going to be a beautiful one. I was right.

I woke up to a cloudy and rainy morning, which I absolutely love. Well, yes, gloomy as it may seem, I do have a thing for rainy mornings. I love the sound of the rain.

I took a warm shower and played the piano for abit before getting dressed for Pyramid with Daniel and Regina. Coincidentally when they said they were going to pick me up an hour late, the law firm rang me to come in for an interview. And so I did manage to slot in enough time for the interview in that hour and then had them pick me up to head to Pyramid. (see how things just fell into place, perfectly?)
I absolutely enjoyed myself. And I mean it. Laughing, eating, skating (YJ, should quite proud of me for skating, this time without his help :b), catching a movie, snacking on donuts and spoiling dinner, and just spending time with them.

Well, I just felt amazing. Amazing.

And its funny how when you learn to love giving, and make it a point to live life by giving, giving your time, your attention, by making someone else  smile, lending someone your ear, your shoulder when someone needs it, by making someone laugh a little bit more, by teaching someone; because you’ve learnt, by keeping promises, by loving from within, genuinely, and doing it, not for glory, not because you want to be remembered, but because you can.

And from this, you’d find that life is just beautiful. The feeling you’d have when you look at your life. And there’s only but one word to describe it — Joy. The joy you’d never know you’d have. Trust me.

Nope, it doesn’t end there. On top of being joyful and having seen that life was magnificent, I was overwhelmingly pampered blessed. Did I mention I have ever so wonderful friends?

And when I was on the way back in the car, I had Matthew in my arms. I adore his smile. Seems like he lights up the whole town when he smiles and his dimples show. As I was cuddling him beside me, arms wrapped around him, he asked me

“Vivian, are you going home now?,”

“Yes I am. Why?”

“But I want you to come to my house,”


By the way, Matthew is Daniel’s 5 year old younger brother. If ever, you are thinking otherwise.

Then he continued showing me his ABC books and having him tell me about the pictures in the book. Oh, and he also gave me multiple flying kisses after I gave him the Famous Amous cookies I had bought for him. 😀

Giving is amazing. Well, if you are a person that loves to give. Its more fulfilling (would be the right word) than receiving.

And that, my friend, is how love comes. From within. Inside out. Then undoubtedly, from outside, back into you.

We often think phianthropists are people that donate big sums of money, yet the word is derived from two Greek words, philos (loving) and anthropos (man): loving man. We are all capable of being philanthropists. We can give of ourselves, which is worth more than all the money in the world- Edward Lindsey.

Let no one come to you without leaving better and happier – Mother Theresa.

How i started my day was beautiful. How it ended was even better. I danced the night off with June. More on that later, I promise.

Oh, and did I mention? I got the job in the law firm. God is good.


4 Responses to “How love comes.”

  1. i just read your email and i didnt know you have a blog.
    i ALSO didnt know you linked me! OMG.

    i feel outdated 😦

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      Aw hehhe. Link me up too babe! Nah its ok, you were away in UK right. *jealousy* How was it? Must fill me in someday when we hang out!

  2. Yeap babe! Thats how life should be:):) Too bad, I’m not allowed to smile for now or my gums will bleed more. Nvm, smile from within rite! Hehe. I’m happy for you love, for you know what:) Take things slow k. I’m always here for u!

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      Aww. Hope your gums get better. It’ll only be for awhile. There’s always a price to pay for beauty. Yeah, life’s just awesome as it is. I’m just happy. (;

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