Girls just wanna have fun.

And so, last Wednesday, my darling best friend, June came over to my place to dance dance dance.

She’s having this Parent’s Appreciation Dinner and is one of the organisers (woots!) and is required to learn a short dance, with few simple but fast moves. Click here to view the dance moves.

So she requested that I helped her and teach her the moves, though I don’t think I’m VERY good anyway. But what the heck, its a holiday, I get to spend time with my best friend, and I love dancing. Dancing with June, for that matter. A cherry on top of the ice cream.

And so dancing we did. Talked and talked and danced some more. Well, I’m just glad I was a help. But indeed I had so much fun. So much, that I laughed till I almost cried when June was gossiping telling me about her colleague at work. HILARIOUS. I returned the favour by making fun of her jokes and stories she told me. Find out more from her blog here.

June: Gosh Vie, I had so much fun today. Haven’t been laughing like that for ages.

Vie: I know I rock my making you laugh all the time.

Oh yeah, she loves me.

Ying Jie and a few others ask me to teach them how to dance as well. I don’t get it. Everyone can dance. Trust me.

But, the secret is, to dance as though no one is watching.


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