Hambuhini Kwok-Choy Yun Yun.


Introducing to you, Hambuhini Kwok-Choy Yun Yun, child hamster of Choy Siew Fong and Kevin Kwok. No, they didn’t give birth to a hamster. They adopted one, or rather bought themselves the adorable thing at Taylor’s Charity Carnival today. Parents in training. Damn semangat.

You must be wondering, what an odd name. Ham is derived from the word hamster, bu I’m not so sure, hini whereas is from the many cases of H1N1 nowadays. Kwok is Siew Fong’s boyfriend’s surname, Choy is Siew Fong’s surname, and Yun Yun I have no idea but I was told its pronounced as Rong Rong in chinese. Don’t torture yourself if you can’t remember the name. Just Hini, for short, is fine.

I was introduced to her (yes, Hini a she) when I invaded Siew Fong’s apartment after heading back from a movie and dinner. We did alot of catching up. Missed her so much. So glad we can hang more during lunch breaks after uni starts. *hopes with fingers crossed our breaks overlap*


We watched The Proposal! Indeed a good show. Many who’ve watched it came back and told me it was good. They certainly did not lie about that.


I’m all about romantic comedies and chick flicks. Predictable. But yet it gets me everytime. There were some parts that were quite hilarious. I literally laughed my ass head off.

But apart from the movie, I absolutely enjoyed her company. I fell I can talk to her about anything and everything and be myself around her. And she understands and is not stingy with her opinions and advices. There were many many things I shared with her and she in turned listened and told me what she thought, and I soon begin to see things differently. And what she’d tell me may not be the things I’d love to hear, but they made sense.

After dinner, I gave her that dress I bought for her, together with a card. I promised that I’d buy her a dress few months back for her birthday. It was a short black ‘v’ neck dress with shiny diamonds at the top.

After movie we headed back to her place and she tried it on. And let me tell you, she looked amazingly hot and slim in it. It was a perfect fit. Not too short or too long. And she absolutely loved it. She said she’s going to wear it for the one year dinner anniversary with Kevin. I was esctatic.

Then she went on to show me her prom dress. Bright red, halter, ‘v’ neck, with shiny sequins at the top. Marilyn Monroe-ish. It was HAWT. And her gold and black heels, earings and bracelet. She has never showed it to a single soul other than her mom (cos they bought it together). I was absolutely honoured to be the first.

Next movie outing would be Ghost of Girlfriends Past, yes? Thankyouverymuch. Till then, lotsoflove.


When we met up in the mall –

SF: Viv, you look tired. Like half dead.

Vie: Really? Sorry lah. Just came from work. Am tired. But work was enjoyable!

SF: Haha. Okay, okay. Half alive then.

Vie: Yea, half alive sounds better than half dead. :B

Yup, I’ll blog about work soon. Work. Where do I even start?


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