Little heavenly indulgences.

After registering for IELTS with daddy, I headed over to Jo Lynn’s house and both of us left for Cineleisure.

If you’ve read my previous post This Joke, I’ve won two free tickets to watch G. I. Joe and I had Jo Lynn to come along with me.

We headed for Paddington House of Pancakes for lunch, at Curve. Heaven in a plate, I tell you. It was really good. Something, different, yet unique. Okay, if I go on describing it, I’ll get hungrier. I’d upload the video I took of Jo indulging in her serving of Pancakes at Paddingtons but she might just kill me. So I’ll just show you some pics I got off the net to show you how our lunch looked like.

Full Monty.Jo had the Full Monty. Two or three freshly made pancakes, with gravy waiting to be smothered over, slices of pepperoni tossed on top, together with a sunny side up, and a scoop of mash potatoes, fresh salad, sausages, and baked beans at the side.

Tokyo.I had the Tokyo. Grilled chicken in tomato puree, with melted cheese and slices of ham tossed on top, a helping of mash potatoes and olives, and vegetables rolled in a tortilla placed at the side.

After a satisfying lunch and a happy tummy, we headed for G. I Joe in Cineleisure. We had free seatings so we picked the best seats we could get. And the funniest thing happened.

They were couple seats. Well, at least thats what we thought for the first few minutes. So Jo felt a little awkward. I for one do not have a problem with it. So I kacau her lah, by touching her lap and arms. After whacking me and fidgeting for abit, she found the arm rest and realised it was up, and quickly shoved it down. I didn’t see that there was any difference. But I had I good laugh.

I had a good time. The movie itself was really good. If you’d know me well, I’m not a huge fan of boy’s movies. But this one was really good. It was sexy, unpredictable, their graphics were not bad, and the scenes, they blow you away. I wouldn’t mind watching it again, really.

G. I Joe.I think she’s hot.

G. I Joe.Jo thinks he’s hot.

Such a turn on, if I were to watch this movie with a guy.

After that, we went to Borders to indulge in some books, magazines and a frap from Starbucks in Borders. And so we did, just sat there, each of us deep into the pages of the magazines, pampering ourselves to the Caramel Cream Frappucinno.


After that, we headed to church for the Saturday Service, before Simply Fusion for dinner in Jaya One where we had a sinful dinner (with Danny and Benedict whom we met there). But for now, sinful is good. Its all good. Then she came over to my place to hang before she headed back home.

Even then, her chanting was still in my head. “To the windows, to the windows. To the walls, to the walls. Till the sweat drip down my balls. And all you bitches crawl,”. Its from her watching The Proposal a hundred times.

Oh yes, we had an awesome day. These are the little things that make me happy. I find joy spending time with my friends. Yeap, you can say I’m simple, and my criteria for an awesome day is easy because easily satisfied and pleased.Yeah, its all about simplicity.

I learnt that life’s just too short to stop for people that rob you of your happiness.

I’m not gonna run away, but let me go. Cause I’m letting go.

2 Responses to “Little heavenly indulgences.”

  1. Haha…u can post the video if u want to la. it’s not that bad. i have a huge mouth. deal with it. Hahaha… *whispers* and i looked kinda cute in it. hahahaha….narcissist indeed-eio!

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      HAHA. Tau pun. Okay lah. Gotta admit you looked quite cute. No lah. yr mouth not big. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. XD

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