The joy of working.

I recently had myself opting for jobs, calling up various law firms, sending in resumes, going for interviews, trying for big and well known firms, as well as small and personal ones. And I had a few that offered me the internship, but I chose the one I thought was most convenient and I thought was the right place to intern at. Its amazing how things turn out when you follow your intuitions.

I know now I’ve made the right decision. The staffs are indeed really helpful and friendly. There’s never a dull moment in the office. We laugh at our mistakes and inside jokes, help each other and well, be efficient in our work, of course. They help me when I’m unsure about work, and I help them speak to mandarin speaking clients.

My boss as well, is very down to earth and ready to teach and guide me. But he somehow is always in hurry. Busy man. I respect him. He’s a nice guy. I’d make sure my job is done with minimal or no mistakes. Accurate, precise, and fast. And I think he’s happy with it. I work for his company, and I have a role of doing my best in my job. So that is what I would be doing till I finish my internship with this firm.

He refers to me as his assistant or sexytary secretary, when addressing me to his clients. He makes me feel apart of the company by asking clients to ‘call Vivian if you have any enquiries’. Isn’t that awesome in itself?

Actually, I do take down his notes, calls from clients and sometimes called to the conference room to assist him when he meets his clients. Except that I don’t trot around in mini skirts and revealing tops lah.

I’ve been learning immensely. More than the amount I’ve learnt at my previous internship at a law firm last year, during my summer A Levels break. And I am enjoy working here, more than I did, at the previous law firm.

Its all about Land Law, baby. From preparing the Sale and Purchase documents, doing adjudications online, preparing documents for land search, typing letters to the vendor’s solicitors to talking to strangers clients on the phone, holding up a confident but friendly voice (not giving them room to suspect I’m just a 19 year old girl). Its all such a good experience.

I also had a taste of litigation, not criminal, but civil cases. I helped one of the lawyers prepare a Letter of Demand before filing a case against the default of payments, which would result to a court proceeding.

However, there are of course, quirks to the job. Like how clients don’t pick up their phones, and me having to call them a hundred times a day until I swear I could memorise their phone numbers, working for a lawyer that has a doctor’s handwriting

Image145Thank God, my colleague, Yati reads my boss’s language. I’d have to disturb her now and then to ask her what does this scribble mean. And miraculously, she knows! By the way, the above is one of his best handwriting.

Also, having to put up with my computer that sometimes decides to retaliate against me by not wanting to connect to the other networks, printer and internet. I have to save my documents in a thumbdrive and run to Yati’s computer to print it out.

Yati: Kesiannya, printer selalu tak boleh connect.

Vie: Ye lah, kesian, kan!

Yati: *smirks* Sikit saje.

She’s so cute lah.

But there are things that would make my day. My first day, as I was climbing up the stairs, I saw this sign on the door of one of the other office.

Image138I stood there for abit, laughing, before going on my way.

I have so much to tell. And this is just the first week of work. I absolutely love my job. I’m happy working and giving my best.

Alrighty, I better be heading for bed. Going to get my arse up for a jog and accompany mummy to the market after that. Then, have a yummy breakfast before heading for work and then piano class. Maybe one of the lawyers, Nava is going to allow me to tag along with her to court for a saman case. Yup, busy day. Keeping myself occupied. And feeling quite fantastic.

God is indeed good great.

5 Responses to “The joy of working.”

  1. I’m glad you’re loving ur job babe!! Hehe, one of my lecturers I got this semester talks like SMELLY. Nightmare! HaHa:):)

  2. symphonyofmine Says:

    I’m very glad too, sweetheart! Oh no!! “Junes, please comes to class tmrws ands hands ups yours assignments. It betters be ons mys tables by tmrws mornings,” XD XD

  3. Hahahaahahaha:):) Hilarious! SORRY VERY MUCH OKAY.

  4. lol…great that you enjoy working…i didnt know intern can be so much fun…lol…hai for yyf, assignments are pilling up lol…thank goodness the due date’s much later…Wish you more fun n interesting experience working there…good luck! are you going for the bbq gathering?

  5. symphonyofmine Says:

    Thanks for the well wishes (; I really am enjoying myself. May be stressful, but very satisfying. Haha how’s yr degree course? I hope you’re doing great in Uni as well. Will catch up with you during reunion. And yes, of course I’ll be going (;

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