Girl’s Night Out. Strictly.

Last Wednesday, the girls and I decided to head for Pyramid. Hit the movies and pamper ourselves with New Zealand ice cream.

Oh yes, excited was I, to dump the files at the office after work and rush to Pyramid to meet the two gorgeous.

As there were not many movie options to choose from, based on the time we have to be home, we decided to have a nice long conversational dinner.

After catching up, we went, yes, you’ve got it right. SHOPPING!

Carrie got herself a torquise tank top from Forever 21.


Then, it was ice cream time!


The prom queen won two years supply of New Zealand ice cream. This, my friend, is called, positive externality. Well, for me and June.

We were allowed to choose two flavours to fill that big tub. Carrie gladly allowed us to have the two choices. Such a blessing, ey. I chose the Hokey Pokey (honey, folded in creamy layers of ice cream and bits of crunchy butterscotch) and June chose the Mint & Chocolate Chip Kisses (a refreshing taste of mint flavoured ice cream with generous portions of big chocolate chips swirled together).


Hokey Pokey+ Mint & Chocolate Chip Kisses

Then, we fooled around



IMG_2928We tried to act lala. Tried.

But we had a great time. Laughed and ate. And laugh some more. And ate some more. And checked out ice hockey players.

Then, I realised, whatever I ever needed, I already have. Because I really don’t know what to ask for anymore. Yes, I am blessed. Immensely.

I have them.


June: Vie you deserve better.

Vie: I already have the best. Its you and Carrie.


And thank you, prom queen. For letting us have a share of your New Zealand ice cream. Have fun in Australia. Missing you quite terribly.



4 Responses to “Girl’s Night Out. Strictly.”

  1. You look hot, sexetary!!

  2. Aww I miss you both sooo much!!!!!!! More ice cream when I get back from Aus 🙂

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      Aw sweet of you! Till then, enjoy yrself. Savour every moment. (; Btw do u get my texts to yr Malaysian number?

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