Thank you.

Thank you for this awesome job in a law firm.

Thank you for a really nice boss.

Thank you for allowing me to learn so much.

Thank you for really cool colleagues.

Thank you for the strength.

Thank you for showing me that I should focus on larger things in life.

Thank you for best friends that share their ice creams.

Thank you for my A Levels results.

Thank you for allowing me to go to the law school I want to go to.

Thank you for this awesome night of barbeque and boozing with my classmates.

Thank you for awesome friends like Ivan for going all the way out to buy more food and ordering three large pizza to fill our tummies.

Thank you for amazing people that pick me up for badminton and cell every Thursday and Friday.

Thank you for soul mates that embrace each other’s differences and celebrate each other’s successes.

Thank you for people that never fail to make me laugh.

Thank you for enabling me to always see the bigger picture in situations.

Thank you for friends that listen and encourage as well, after I listen and encourage them.

Thank you for a pay raise (in just two weeks of working with the company).

Thank you for a holiday this weekend at the beach.

Thank you for Mummy’s awesome cooking and baking.

Thank you for Daddy who’s always wanting me to be the best.

Thank you for preparing me for my piano concert.

Thank you for a great cell leader and an assistant leader that are not just leaders, but friends.

Thank you for parents who trust me and not give me curfews.

Thank you for Mummy bringing me to eat my favourite foods for working lunch breaks.

Thank you for the overflowing joy that it may be contagious to the people around.

Thank you for blessing me so that I may bless others.

Thank you for giving to me so that I may give back.

Thank you.


2 Responses to “Thank you.”

  1. aww!!! thank u for being YOU! =)

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