The sun, the sand, the sea.

Daddy planned a holiday with the family and family friends last weekend, to Cherating.

Just what I needed. A holiday. Away from the internet and television. It would be just us and the beach. Yes, I love beaches.


I made new friends! Kymberley and Leon. Great people.

Went fishing in the sea.Image153Despite me being the only girl among the men when I followed them for fishing, I did enjoy myself. Just relaxing with a magazine by the sea. The breeze, the sound of the ocean, the perfect weather. It was breathtaking. Except for the voyeurs around.

We had to climb and make our way through sharp rocks.


It was tough. I had a few cuts on my legs. Plus the salty waters. But no, I chose not to be a spoilt princess and toughen up.

We had seafood for the dinners. Stuffed crab for lunch. Glorious food.Image164We had this for tea, on our way back. Ice blended Coco Lava.

While Leon and Kym were having a swim in the pool, mummy and I had a walk around the resort. Parallel to the seaside. It was a nice moment. Until, I started laughing hysterically. Because this cat kept on following her.Image161And thats her running away from it.

At night after dinner, we had a karaoke session. Yes, as lame as it sounds, trust me, ITS MUCH LAMER THAN YOU THINK IT IS. Daddy forced me to sing My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. I thought, what the heck? Go ahead and just have fun.  I had a couple of rounds of Tiger beer as well, laughing at the sight of Kym and Leon closing their ears when their mom sang.

The next morning, I woke up feeling bad. Daddy arranged for Leon and I to have a game of Tennis. But I overslept. I apologised profusely as breaking promises is against my principal. He replied kindly that he went for a swim instead, so it was alright. Was I relieved.

We went to a jetty (Pulau Ular) where fishermen brought back their catchings, to sell them to fish mongers. We had the privilege of getting really fresh fishes at cheaper prices in comparison with those selling at the market, which may not be as fresh. (Mummy cooked one of the fishes we bought, for dinner today. And it was good!) It was indeed fascinating to see how the fishermen lived, their family, and how they seperated the fishes into different baskets.

Then it was time to say goodbye.

But I’ll remember.

Image150Image163The sea and the clear blue sky.

That I just couldn’t help but feel happy. Complete.


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