Tempo rubato.

Meaning: With some freedom of time.

Helloyou! I shall update you stalkers blog readers on what I’ve been up to, yes?

Saturday was hectic. (Sorry guys I had to miss the play-offs in church)

I had my IELTS test in the morning. (thank the Lord for YJ for reminding me to bring a jacket, because my assigned seat was right under the air conditioner. I might have freezed my arse off) Then, I headed home, practised playing that song for the hundredth time, got dressed and headed for my piano concert.

Image168I played Yiruma’s River Flows In You.

Then I rushed home to pack and catch the bus for Johor! I love going back to Segamat. People there are great. Like my naughty cousin that offered me countless glasses or Heineken, Anchor Light and Guiness ironically is worried I have friends that influence me to smoke. -.-

On top of that, I was told to diet. But fed like a pig at the same time. Pampered, spoilt by my aunties and uncles. It was all good lah.

Then, we went to hear old people sing karaoke in public. Thank God it didn’t rain, as it wasn’t at a covered area.


Then saw the old fashioned hand puppet way of telling stories. Fascinating indeed.Image169A closer lookImage170It was really awesome because people there just had their life lived carefree, slowly. Embrace friends around, sitting around in the cool night, under the moon, without a care in the world.

Tempo Rubato.


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