The photoshoot we had.


Credits to the photographer, Chok Eu-Tjin.

I think photographers are amazing people. They work behind the scene, never minding if they’re not in any of the photographs. They make things, people or places look nicer that what it actually looks like. The colours of the background looks execptionally beautiful. The grass very much greener. Thank you, Tjin. You have some talent there. (not to mention he’s an all rounder. Straight A student, good in badminton and ping pong. Engineered his own photography props. And is going to pursue a degree in Engineering. Woots, woots!)

And thank you, Carrie for agreeing to photoshoot with me. You looked amazing. We’re waiting for you to attack New Zealand Ice Cream again, this time with Tjin. :B

More? Check out Eu-Tjin’s Flickr where you can see his compilations of beautiful shots. And his photography blog where he flaunts his captures.


4 Responses to “The photoshoot we had.”

  1. Gorgeousness…

  2. haha my face red edi 😀

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