Meaning: Merry.

These are snippets of conversations I just had to share with you.

(June and I were watching Fast and Furious on her shiny new laptop during last week’s sleepover and there was this scene where all sexy beautiful leggy ladies come out to dance, with minimal clothing on)

June: Haiyoh. What lah. Everytime also show sexy girls one. Why can’t they show sexy men for once.

Vie: Cause this is a boy’s movie. Naturally they’ll show sexy girls. For the boys.

June: But have you ever seen chick flicks having sexy men?

Vie: Got lah. One man only.

June: Thats why lah. Boy’s movie got so many girls. We only got one.

Vie: June, you abit horny tonight right. Abit.

June: What? This is called system barter.


Vie: Where do you want to eat tomorrow?

YJ: You choose lah.

Vie: What. Everytime also I choose.

YJ: Where got.

Vie: Got.

YJ: Okay fine. You don’t like to eat McDonalds right.

Vie: I’m ok with it.

YJ: We go the place you dun like, ok?


Vie: So which to go? Elyse’s farewell, Dot’s 21st, or daddy’s charity dinner? (It all falls on the same day and time)

Mummy: Just cut yourself into three. You know, like God. Father, Holy Spirit, Son.

People with humour, I tell you.

4 Responses to “Giocoso.”

  1. Haha so funny! June got a new laptop?! OMG I’m so outdated =p What else is new?? Fill me in! 🙂

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      HAHA. I know right. Yeap. She has! Its Compaq. Really sexy. Me wants a laptop too. :BB Whats new some more? I went to yr church yest. For some seminar/sermon. Speaker from abroad, talking about financial and economic issues. Followed parents. (: Did yr parents go?

  2. I didn’t miss the fact that my name’s in orange! 😛

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