Orange, puppies and wainbows.

.. are a few of your favourite things. I’ll remember you when I see any of them. Cross my heart.


My dear friend, Elyse Ong, has taught me so much. About life, love, and everything else in the middle. And I’m absolutely proud of her, as she’ll be reading law in the amazing University of Cambridge. She deserves it.

Girl, I’m so glad you’ve found God. So glad you’ve found love, and the true meaning of it. You’ve definitely left your footprints in my life. And I’m very thankful to be able to share so much with you and learn so much from you.

Always will remember you. My library kaki, MOS teman, and the times we had at PAWS. Thanks for the letter. Will read it whenever I miss you. Hope you’ll read my card whenever you need a heads up as well. (:

Your flight is for departure in awhile, and I’m missing you already. And by the time you’re reading this, you must be in Cambridge/London. Remember, pictures, pictures! And of course, text me your UK number.

And remember, if you need someone, I’m an email away. C;


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