They always say, expect the unexpected.

I guess, it is true. When you expect or plan for something, the turnout would be the total opposite. 99.99% of the time.

Last few days I’ve been planning. If I fail my piano exam, I won’t tell daddy. Until he asks. It was a good plan. I really did thought I was going to fail. Maybe, pass, just barely, if I’m lucky.

I had piano class today, and I found that I didn’t just pass, I’ve gotten distinctions. (97/100 for theory, and 131/150 for practical) Like, what? You’ve got to be kidding me. It MUST be God.

So yes, this blog post is to thank the Big Fella Upstairs. Thank you.

And of course my piano teacher, that never gave up n me. She’s an amazing teacher. No, really.

And mummy, for accompanying me for the nerve-wrecking piano exam in Sheraton Hotel.

I am blessed.


4 Responses to “They always say, expect the unexpected.”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, babe!!! 🙂 You definitely deserved it.

  2. wow. SO AWESOME! =D congrats!

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