A piece of me?

Image184HAHA don’t laugh. I know the paus are abit distorted. The first batch mummy did were more presentable. But its really yummy. Probably going to give a few to my colleagues and boss tomorrow before leaving the office. Yeah, leaving with them, a piece of me.

The red markings are codes of the contents inside. *wiggles eyebrows* Some of which are Toberone Chocolate, Cadbury Simply Dark Chocolate, kaya, and red bean.


I am undoubtedly going to miss work, and my quirky hilarious colleagues.

Nava: Who did you call to come pick you up? Which boyfriend this time?

Vie: What boyfriend? Somehow you knew of the boyfriend I never knew I had.

Next? The beginning of a new chapter. A long one too. Law school awaits.


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