Year 1 in Law School.

Words of wisdom Warnings Threatens Advices for the purpose of subjecting year one law students to getting serious in law school, from the law lecturers:

Nothing beats studying hard.

Like the victim in the case of Airedale NHS Trust v Bland, most of you, too, will be in a PVS after a long day of law lecture. (PVS means Persistant Vegetative State)

You can, as of now, being law students, say goodbye to life. As for the next three years you will have no life.

And you know whats the worst part? I think the lecturers might be quite right. And you know whats the other worst part? I think I’m actually enjoying it, like really.


7 Responses to “Year 1 in Law School.”

  1. I THINK. I have just given up law as a future career. heh!

  2. YOU WISH LOH. By the time I get there I think you graduate adi. I think..

    Is it? Or did I just called you old? 😛

    and why only one post per page ah..very mafan~~

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      HAHA. KENN! shouldn’t call ppl old. Bad for health. :b Haha one page per post more organized don’t you think?

  3. No lor. Very mafan because I like to view ur old posts too *shy*

    I not stalker ah.

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      Haha if stalker just admit only lah! :B Easier way for you, you scroll down to the bottom right of the page and click on any post you wanna read under ‘Latest symphonies’. Or I believe, there’s a search button for you to search any post! 🙂

  4. […] I entered law school. I did mention about that in the very first blog post about law school. Click here it is if you missed […]

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