Great friends, great food, great fun.

Just the other day, my best friends and I headed to Pyramid after working hard in Uni/work to release stress and get naughty to have some real fun. We wanted some company with each other (after Carrie came back from the land down under).

Hence, instead of the movies, we decided to do stuff that would allow us to spend time with each other. We headed to the arcade for some good game of Daytona. Imagine three girls in skirts and high heels and handbags, walking into the arcade, and getting seats next to each other and car racing each other. Yeah, it was sexy.

Then we headed for FOOD. The fries we had was awesome! (in Asian Avenue)

IMG_3837It had three different toppings to it.

Then we had bubble tea. Did some shopping. Then it was Archery! Archery is indeed great fun. Especially with the best friends. And yes, its sexy too. A sexy sport.

Later, our stomachs beckoned for dinner. So we headed for japanese, as June, the pregnant one was craving for Unagi.

The people:


The food:

IMG_3865Thin crust pizza with scallop toppings.

IMG_3873Carissa’s Tempura topped on creamy spaghetti.

IMG_3884My chicken katsu spaghetti, topped with salf boiled egg.

IMG_3891June’s craved Unagi rice, topped with half boiled egg.

I guess its a restaurant that has western fused with jap food. Hence the spaghetti and jap dishes. And mind you, its pretty awesome.

Then we took some shots.

IMG_3843IMG_3926IMG_3874Okay, the fact that June took this shot, it had defeated the five second rule, altogether.

Then we took some nice photos:


And then they decided to get naughty:

IMG_3915See Carrie shoving her finger so hard up June’s nose?


IMG_3905Lovely couple indeed.

After dinner, we went shopping for groceries for the sleepover! The grocery shopping was quite fun itself.

Then, we adjourned to my house, poured out the vodka, watched Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past, oh and of course, the maggi cups we had to have too!

Yes, we had a great deal of fun. And looking forward to do it all over again!



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