To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Statement1: You should date a law student because they are good in using their tongues.

Statement2:  But that means that they cheapen their words and try to present themselves as Mr Charming. (No, being a good kisser is out of the topic.)

So, which is the one that outweighs the other?

I absolutely agree with the second half of the sentence, not the first half of Statement1. And that Statement2 undoubtedly would outweigh Statement1.

Oh yes, law students can be really charming with their honey coated words. But somehow its such a turn off. Being big flirts and all.

Maybe its because I just don’t tolerate these kind of nonsense, especially when its coming from a certain kind of gender.

Or maybe its because I’m still not over him? No, screw that.

Its definitely because I have a low tolerance for these kind of nonsense.


4 Responses to “To what extent do you agree with this statement?”

  1. Dating law students (males ONLY…i’m being quite sexist here…but for a good reason XD) is like dating a screwdriver who would twist and turn until you’re screwed. =(

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      LOL. So male law students would interest you? Want me to intro my classmates? Too bad non of them are hot. Tragic isn’t it.

  2. Nice article thank you for sharing!

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