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What more?

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Ellan: Vivian, Vivian, you look like someone lah. I somehow can’t recall who.

Ellan: OMG Vivian now I know! You look like Mulan!

MulanReally? I don’t see it. And Please, I do not look like a cartoon character forgoodnessgracious.

Li Ann: Oh Vivian, you look like a Japanese school girl with those pink highlights!

Japanese schoolgirl? Which one?


Okay this one’s abit retarded/nerdy.



I like this one. What you think?japanese-schoolgirl

Nicholas: Vivian, you look like a greek goddess when you tie your hair up like that.

Greek goddess? This one?

83068This one?

17454-mThis one?greek goddessHere’s a decent picture of me. Please tell me I do not look like any of the above. Rawr.DSC_3519


Afraid to fall.

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I’m absolutely smitten. He’s got a colourful sense of humor. He’s adorably mischievous.  The typical boyish kind I secretly like. But no, I won’t. I can’t allow for this.

1. I have a principal of not dating law students.

2. I have a principal of not dating someone who’d be in the same class as I am, for 3 years.

3. I’m married to LL.B (Bachelor of Laws).

4. I do still think about the guy that allegedly stole my heart.

4. I’ve promised myself I’d never sell my heart just like that, again. Because it just takes the breath out of me, and its not the greatest feeling on earth.


Maybe its true, that I can’t live without you. – Two is better than one by Taylor Swift and Boys Like Girls.

Protected: A stolen heart. And you’re guilty of theft.

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