What more?

Ellan: Vivian, Vivian, you look like someone lah. I somehow can’t recall who.

Ellan: OMG Vivian now I know! You look like Mulan!

MulanReally? I don’t see it. And Please, I do not look like a cartoon character forgoodnessgracious.

Li Ann: Oh Vivian, you look like a Japanese school girl with those pink highlights!

Japanese schoolgirl? Which one?


Okay this one’s abit retarded/nerdy.



I like this one. What you think?japanese-schoolgirl

Nicholas: Vivian, you look like a greek goddess when you tie your hair up like that.

Greek goddess? This one?

83068This one?

17454-mThis one?greek goddessHere’s a decent picture of me. Please tell me I do not look like any of the above. Rawr.DSC_3519


6 Responses to “What more?”

  1. Vie! I think u look like Mulan!! She’s pretty:)

    And u don look Japanese le. They’re tooooooo ‘kawaii’.

    I still think u look like Brenda Song!

    I MiSS u!

  2. NO YOU DON’T! you look exotic. =P which is…way better than a combinationofalloftheabove. 😛

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      Exotic!? Haha I think I’ve heard that before. You know what, Sheen? Apparently I reminded one of my classmate of Tinkerbell, yesterday. Because of my skirt. I was wearing a knee length pink skirt. WTH lah. Tinkerbell wears a green dress. They should stop equating me with cartoons. Yes, this is an outcry! :b

  3. Rawr!

    Yeah! Brenda song!

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