The reward that was worthwhile.

Yes, I know I have been silent. Time to wipe the dusts off this blog! I blame it all on the insane workload from the law school. Although it had cost some sacrifices to work hard, I’ve enjoyed every single bit of this new and memorably beautiful chapter in life.

One term has just passed. They say time flies when you’re having fun. Indeed. So, I keep telling myself, savour. Savour every moment, every second of it.

I’ve worked hard, and yes, its time to play hard. 

After slogging through to make the best out of leading my group’s child rights (child prostitution) topic, group discussion report, handing up our tort, criminal, contract, general principles of law and contract assignments, discussing and brainstorming on tutorials, I felt amazing. Simply amazing.

It was time to play hard. Party hard, I mean.

The garden party at my classmate’s house.

The boys played video games and chess, and the girls popped in a karaoke cd and sang their hearts out to it (photos would be on facebook soon for all you stalkers). And what glorious food we had.

The euphoric experience at Euphoria, Ministry of Sound.

All dressed up, we (Aida, Audrey, Sam and I) headed to MOS for the night. With Sam stalking watching over us from the higher level of the main dance floor, me and Audrey partied our heads, hips and legs off.

Well if only Sam actually danced with us, the desperate boys wouldn’t approach and irritate us. Well, a guy actually had the balls to ask me to dance. But he was a geek. Long hair and spectacles. Well at least he had the balls to ask, and not just randomly dance next to me. So I decided to give face. It didn’t last long though. But our conversation was epic:

Geekboy: So where are you from?

Me: *bitch stare* Don’t ask, just dance.

Well of course, he was smart enough to keep his hands to himself.

After about two hours of non stop dancing, we adjourned to a mamak nearby. Talked, laughed, shared lame jokes into whats left of the feel good night.

It was how the atmosphere that filled with the linger of an awesome feel, that I knew. That I knew how rewarding our hard work paid off. That I knew how amazing it felt to have worked hard and then, to play hard. It was so worth it to keep the clubbing after our focusing and finishing the many tasks of a law student.

Visiting the new beautiful Taylors Lakeside Campus.

The structure and architecture was absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. I wouldn’t mind studying there, at all.

Trinity Home and the law school for a christmas party.

Our cohort organised a christmas party for the children at an orphanage, Trinity Home. Most of the first year students were involved. Second year students too, and lecturers. We all had the look of glee onour faces; who wouldn’t when the kids looked so happy?

They were absolutely polite, enjoyable and ever eager to play (which is the best part – I’ve not grown up yet, just so you know)! I loved every moment; of the conversations, games, tickling and chasing them around, and handing them the christmas presents.

I think I might have had more fun than the kids did. It was an awesome feeling.

So here I am, realising how has law school had been breathtakingly exciting. So I thank God, for the amazing people in my cohorts (both the girls I click with, and the hilariously entertaining naughty boys), the guidance to improve everyday as the days of being enrolled in a law degree programme passes, the strength and determination to keep the momentum going, no matter how great the is temptation to slack.

And yes, I’ve felt butterflies in my stomach whenever I see this guy. He’s an amazing company. But no, I’ll stick to my principle of not ever EVER, selling my heart to anyone anymore. After all, they say, don’t fall in love if you can’t fall all the way through.

As of for now, I’d be loyal to my husband, LL.B (Legum Baccalaurette) as he’s promise many good returns. And yes, he’s been great to me so far.

So what am I going to be doing during the holidays? I’d probably spend time doing the things I am passionate about, like playing the piano, preparing for moot and mock test (okay you’d probably be thinking I’m LittleMissSuperNerd.)

I’d also be doing  enjoyable things like attending christmas parties/dinners, catching up with Heroes, making THE list (which would only be available for viewing on my blog for selected people), and going out for lunch with both my ex-boss and a friend I have made in that law firm.

I can’t wait to ulilize my holidays. But for now, allow me to hibernate. The ‘battery low’ indication has been indicating since yesterday.

More, after this. I promise. TTFN.

(tata for now)


2 Responses to “The reward that was worthwhile.”

  1. what is wrong with long hair and specs???

    • symphonyofmine Says:

      Probably short hair and ripped body would be better than long hair and specs? Omg Mr Lai I didn’t know you can stalk so well. Salutes. =DD

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