Happy Chinese New Year, world.

So after hugging Jo Lynn off, as she will be furthering her studies in Monash Clayton, in Melbourne Australiaa handmade card, a little tears and love, and many words of blessings were exchanged. As I watched her from my rear view mirror as I was driving off, I couldn’t help but feel I’ll be missing an amazing friend.

She was always there for me, you see. Simple as that.

I returned home and got my dog, Ruby ready for boarding during the Chinese New Year holidays when I’ll be away. With a heavy heart I hugged parted with her as I left her in the pet shop.

Later in the evening me and my family headed to the airport (thank God not for more separations but an arrival. Had enough partings for the day) to pick my aunt that flew in from the UK. =D

And she bought me chocolates, a red top, a red and a grey skirt.

So yes, I was running up the stairs to try them on, and.

And I slammed my toe on the stairs. Yes, it bled. Alot. My aunt had some antiseptics and insisted I put some and wrapped my toe up.That means no more heels and pedicures for awhile. D=

Oh well, but I love my new clothes from England. (like they always say look on the brighter side)

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day), world!

Speaking of which, Chinese New Year wouldn’t be the same if I’m not allowed to eat rubbish because of the cough that hasn’t gone away yet. :C

I have to get well before it is my turn to moot. Gah. Yes, I’ll be immersing myself in the many judgments printed from Lexis for my moot during Chinese New Year. How awesome is that.

I know this all is very random. But let me whine abit lah.


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