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Look at the stars.

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You’re not a star. You’re a shooting star. You go the distance.

Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you.



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I love rainy nights. Listening to the sounds of the rain.

That coupled with a yummy glass of blended banana, strawberry and yogurt (yes, without sugar).

Typing away on the fundamental rights in the German Law System on my new white Dell Inspiron 1440.

Life is a bliss. When you savour these little things.

This ain’t a song for the broken hearted.

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“When you reach the top of a mountain, you’d find greater heights to scale”.

I’m in the second semester of  the First Year, LL.B. And will be completing my First Year in two months.

They say, time flies when you’re having fun. I do agree to a certain extent. Of course I am having fun. Loads of fun, in fact. But time flies too when your life is constantly bombarded and revolving around your law degree that you have little or no time for yourself. (hence the lagging in updating the blog)

It has been a helluva ride. Exhausting, yet enjoyable. Stressful, yet satisfying.

Sacrifice, lots of it. Sacrifice is a word I’ve grown to understand fully, and embrace. Both simple and huge sacrifices. To name a few, not going to Neyo’s concert, giving up eating rubbish/chilli prior to the moots, punishing myself into the nights when I could be dancing the night away to the remix of a DJ, or time for a boyfriend.

That being said, when I got back the mock exam results, I knew it was all very worth it.

I guess I’ve become more passionate about what I do, what I study. This year, I’ve begun to see myself doing things, with a purpose in mind. (with Will Smith being an inspiration – that which is a principle of his) that whatever I may and will do, it would be with a purpose. I will not do something that is of no use, something that is not good for me, would not teach me or anything which would be a detriment.

I stuck to that, and I started to get into the habit of jogging every morning, reading the bible and saying a prayer for family and friends every morning before I leave for classes, not rotting in front of the television or computer, being disciplined, manage time for every important thing or person, and doing everything in my capabilities to excel in what I am most passionate about.

Another, would be about the moots we have been tortured put through as it is a complusory for every First Year law student.

From left: Ashwathy, myself, Ida and Syamil.

Boulton v Post Office

It was a Tort case, on vicarious liability (concerning employer/employee relationships). Ashwathy and I were appellants (appearing for Boulton). Ida and Syamil were respondents (appearing for Post Office).

Moot has been quite the experience. Apart from the long sleepless nights we all go through staring at law reports for cases and statutes, we had fun through it all (well I think I did). Because there’s absolutely no point doing something you don’t enjoy and perceive it as a task forced to completed. I do try to make it a point to have fun in every tough assignments, or just challenges in life. Very much easier. And never have I imagined, I could win best speaker. And win my first case – which of course was what I hoped for. Keeping in mind that anything could happen in court, I did expect for the worst that could happen (eg: the judge cornering/shouting at me for something I could not answer) but I did also did the very best I could in preparing for the moots.

I have for to thank are the following few that played an important role in the victory.

God. And his favour.

– My patient and brilliant moot partner that was great to work with.

– My lecturer that prepared us.

– My supportive family and friends.

I do know one thing for sure. Every success has not been all me. It has been by Him and amazing people He has placed in my life. And all I do feel is unending gratitute, being thankful in the silence.

The thankfulness and gratitude will, and always be endless. Many of us take things for granted. I’ve learnt and grow to avoid doing that. Simple blessings, like health. Matters we overlook. But would trade the world for it when we loose it.

Hence I stick to the principle of respecting my body by eating right and exercising; doing things only good for my body. (well of course I do occasionally sin by eating things which I’ve blacklisted). Yes, I was saying, I do appreciate my health. Why? Because I can’t do justice to me dreams, ambitions, family and God without being healthy. Simple as that.

Well, let me tell you a secret. At the end of the day, it all comes down to just but one thing. To do the very best I can in life. So I can honour my parents (and not waste their money spent for my education) and make them proud. I’m glad so far I have been able to do that, of course with the grace of God.

Law school has been wonderful. Well, words cannot do justice to how has the experience in law school been. Of course, its not always a stroll in the park (it never was) or a bed or roses. In fact, I’ve been very humbled by the many things. And humility has been a few of the principles I hang on to in life.

University life has been nothing but enjoyable. I wish time could pass a little bit slower, so I can embrace every second of it. A huge part of the many smiles and laughters in life has got to do with my hillarious/quirky/crazy/witty classmates as well. My law school experience would never be the same without them. And that came from the heart.

I am truly truly blessed by friends that care and are the reason there’s laughter whenever I spend time with them. Things like having a good game of futsal, going for lunch and movies, and driving all the way to Glenmarie for siu yok (pork rice)  have been the things I embrace because these are the things I would want to remember for life.

I really do love my classmates. How can I not thank God for blessing me with these amazing people in my life? 🙂

This year started off very well. And I hope scaling to greater heights would be possible. I believe I’ve grown to be more independent and strong in taking life’s challenges.

Yes, I do type my opinions, my blessings and  how I’ve grown. It is because I never want to forget them, because I’d like to watch myself grow, and because I can reread the things I’ve recorded if I’ve lost my inspirations or motivation to strive.

And yes, my life is a symphony. A song, not for the broken hearted.

But for a heart that cannot be tamed.