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The song I was emo-ing to when studying for my finals.

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Have a listen (;


Because stories about people teach you.

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(these movies have been out for quite some time. only gotten the chance to watch it now after exams, so bear with me)

I have just finished watching The Blind Side – starring the amazing Sandra Bullock. Watch the trailer here. It’s a 2009 movie.

And I must say, it’s quite a movie. I have always been deeply moved by movies based on true stories. It was definitely heartwarming.

I walked away learning something more today. I learnt that giving can change one life. Giving can save one life from being wasted, from being thrown away. And that giving here is not just money. Its time. Its effort. Love. Support. Encouragement. It doesn’t cost a single cent, but it can change lives.

I left watching the movie wanting to be just like Leigh Anne (played by Sandra Bullock) when I grow up next time. Yes, she had everything, beautiful house, beautiful car, beautiful children, and an amazing husband. But she never once held back or gave up on Micheal, just because she wanted to change his life. She gave ever so selflessly, wholeheartedly, without asking anything in return. She was so determined to watch this boy excel. I want to be like that someday.

And what I noticed from the movie, her children are just like her. Not only you are helping strangers, but you change your kids too; that they become better people in this world just watching your selfless actions. They become that too. Now I want that if I have a family in the future.

Also, yesterday I watched Ip Man 2 with Angel, Ellan, Samuel, and Daniel.

Although I was never a fan of kung fu or fighting movies, I thoroughly recommend this watch.

I left the theatre learning that we should always be true to ourselves. Our origins. Our culture. Our race. To never let your dignity be compromised. And have your integrity respected as we respect others.

Also, that modesty is what makes a man great. And family should always be our priority in life.

This movie also made me realise that today, we mimic the western culture too closely that we forget ourselves sometimes. We forget our principles and values.

I definitely left the cinema more proud of my origins and where my identity came from.

Now who said watching tv is bad for you?

So you think you can be a man.

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You know that famous rule – that when God says no, He has something better.

This has got something to do with a boy. I was head over heels for that guy, for about a year. We dated. Yes, he was everything I want, everything any girl would want. But now, looking back, I thank God we never got together.

Looking at him now, I see the bigger picture. We’re very different from each other. So different I might suffer.

And Angel said this to me the other day – “like a person for his personality, not his qualities”. Don’t you think its so true?

I shall refrain from saying more. Because I studied Defamation. He might be able to sue me even if I didn’t mention his name.

But who needs boyfriends anyway when you have awesome guy friends like Daniel, Samuel, Ellan and Nicholas that hold the door for you, escort you back home late at night, let you dictate which movie to watch, and drives you around?


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So Year 1 of law school has ended. That feeling I felt when I turned my exam sheet paper and closed it when time was up, was comparable to not other. That rush of adrenalin, that happiness I felt – that now, it’s all over. No more forcing myself into the nights staring at colourful notes, or sacrificing time with friends, time to do things I want to. BECAUSE I CAN DO WHAT I WANT, WHENEVER I WANT, WHATEVER I WANT NOW.

Freedom never tasted any sweeter than this. I think it comes with the satisfaction of completing my Year 1 without any regrets. That the fact I did the very best I could, and really, to me that’s what that matters most – not the results. Results are just but indications to keep improving. It’s the fact that I have achieved what I aimed for – which is doing my best in everything I have set my heart to, that is whats most important. That satisfaction itself is my real reward. And freedom is indeed sweeter when you leave all the fun things you want to do till after it has all finished. All the sacrifices is indeed worthwhile and that feeling of satisfaction is comparable to no other.

Also, seeing how I’ve grown in law school has been something. Never in a million years I would imagine I would be the one helping others, because I was always the one asking others for help in my studies last time. But no, that is not the highlight of this academic year. The highlight in Year 1 of law school is my classmates. Readers, (those not in my class) you cannot ever possibly imagine how blessed I am to have a set of classmates I have now. They bring so much joy and laughter into my life. And yes, I’ve savoured every bit of those moments, never to be erased from memory. They are an amazing bunch of people. Thats why I’m kinda bummed I have to share them with the January cohort that’s joining us in Year 2. I know things will be different; but I hope the change would be better than what I expect it would be.

I am indeed lucky to have classmates who are absolutely out of their minds sometimes, crazily funny, annoying and irritating all at the same time, but when it comes down to business they always have your backs, and they are very caring too! Now tell me, am I a lucky bitch or what? Let me share with you some of the source of the laughters everyday in law school. They had me named after some weird names.

Femdom (female domination), Ironlady (by ANGELINA KOK), Mulan (they say I look like her), Vivi-K (by CHUIN),¬† infallibly Invincible (by YAO because he think I have the ‘nothing stops me attitude’).

Told you my classmates were crazy. But I had so much fun in law school, 99.999999% of the time in law school because of them. So if any of you guys are reading this, I really just want to say thank you. For being the source of my laughter. You guys are the reason why I look forward to going to class everyday.

So exams are over. It feels like a hurricane just passed. Messed up my sleeping patterns, eating patterns, time for fun stuff and everything in between. – Cause you know exams always get the best of me. I know, I’m a nerd that way. But hey, the fun part is rearranging my life back. And saying hello to the life I kissed goodbye when I entered law school. I did mention about that in the very first blog post about law school. Click here it is if you missed it.

So yes I did my best so far. I gave a 100%. I know I could have given a 200%. Well, that’ll be my aim for next year. But I count it as a victory now – that I did y best and have no regrets leaving Year 1.

I’ve worked hard. Now its time to play EVEN HARDER (at least for this next four months). And I’ll start doing that by going for the BBQ with my favourite people tonight. And just spending time with them into the night like there’s no tomorrow.

Say hello back to life. I’ve missed you.

Find rest my soul.

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Lord, I’m just so mentally exhausted. Please give me the strength in these two to three days so I may give my best to honour You.

Because Your promise was to seek Your kingdom first, so that all those things may be added onto us.

Let me enjoy Your sweet presence at worship practice tomorrow without worrying about¬† my paper on Monday. Cause You now there’s no where else I’d rather be than in Your presence.

Thank you for Your everlasting faithfulness. I’ll trust in You. By knowing Your power in quietness and trust.

King of Glory, You are my great reward. Not the grades, but because I know I’ve run my race well, ran it as best as I could for You, I know honouring You is what I have been purposed to do and have accomplished.

Lord let me find comfort in You in times of weakness. And that You may renew my strength so I may soar high on wings like eagles. That I may honour You. In everything I do.

That I may honour You and You only.

Whatever it takes.

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Petra Nemcova: My boyfriend always told me, a day without laughter is a day wasted.

Today is indeed wasted then.

So here am I. Sitting at the same place I did two years ago thinking why is it so unfair. Wanting to go to that University of my dreams so badly. And feeling my dreams didn’t matter at all.

I remembered I crashed and burnt. Because I continued to have that attitude and negativity.

So this time, yes I may be feeling low. But no, this time I will be strong. After all, it was but just strength and sheer belief in myself that got me this far.

I remember it was just last year when my law lecturer in A Levels (and all the other subject lecturers) gave up on me. But it was the law lecturer that was a hard slap on my face. You see, I wasn’t a very hardworking or brilliant student. So I wrote essays which were mediocre. She failed every one of them. Every single one. And on one of the essays, she wrote “You just can’t write an essay” bright and bold in her red ink pen. So yes, if that wasn’t enough, she told me to see her. And I did, after class where she defamed let out a big sigh (in front of my friends), and I could from her eyes that she had truly given up on me.

Tough, but I took every hurt feeling I had and ripped it out of my heart. So if I did believe her, if I also gave up on myself like the lecturers did, I wonder where will I be today.

I am indeed thankful I am not repeating the same mistakes I did last time. Its amazing how sheer belief and strength can bring you to greater heights. And also guidance, lots of guidance from God and the people he brings into my life. And thank you for music.

Music has always been and always will be my greatest escape.

I was feeling rather down until I heard Leona Lewis’ Whatever It Takes.

Wherever it is, I’ll fly
Whatever it takes, I’ll try
So don’t pay no mind
To what other people say
Whenever it is in my life
Know that I will be on time
‘Cause you know why
There’s no standing in our way

Don’t we all need some music to uplift our spirits sometimes?

Protected: Loss of self control.

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