Find rest my soul.

Lord, I’m just so mentally exhausted. Please give me the strength in these two to three days so I may give my best to honour You.

Because Your promise was to seek Your kingdom first, so that all those things may be added onto us.

Let me enjoy Your sweet presence at worship practice tomorrow without worrying about  my paper on Monday. Cause You now there’s no where else I’d rather be than in Your presence.

Thank you for Your everlasting faithfulness. I’ll trust in You. By knowing Your power in quietness and trust.

King of Glory, You are my great reward. Not the grades, but because I know I’ve run my race well, ran it as best as I could for You, I know honouring You is what I have been purposed to do and have accomplished.

Lord let me find comfort in You in times of weakness. And that You may renew my strength so I may soar high on wings like eagles. That I may honour You. In everything I do.

That I may honour You and You only.


2 Responses to “Find rest my soul.”

  1. Amen 🙂

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