So Year 1 of law school has ended. That feeling I felt when I turned my exam sheet paper and closed it when time was up, was comparable to not other. That rush of adrenalin, that happiness I felt – that now, it’s all over. No more forcing myself into the nights staring at colourful notes, or sacrificing time with friends, time to do things I want to. BECAUSE I CAN DO WHAT I WANT, WHENEVER I WANT, WHATEVER I WANT NOW.

Freedom never tasted any sweeter than this. I think it comes with the satisfaction of completing my Year 1 without any regrets. That the fact I did the very best I could, and really, to me that’s what that matters most – not the results. Results are just but indications to keep improving. It’s the fact that I have achieved what I aimed for – which is doing my best in everything I have set my heart to, that is whats most important. That satisfaction itself is my real reward. And freedom is indeed sweeter when you leave all the fun things you want to do till after it has all finished. All the sacrifices is indeed worthwhile and that feeling of satisfaction is comparable to no other.

Also, seeing how I’ve grown in law school has been something. Never in a million years I would imagine I would be the one helping others, because I was always the one asking others for help in my studies last time. But no, that is not the highlight of this academic year. The highlight in Year 1 of law school is my classmates. Readers, (those not in my class) you cannot ever possibly imagine how blessed I am to have a set of classmates I have now. They bring so much joy and laughter into my life. And yes, I’ve savoured every bit of those moments, never to be erased from memory. They are an amazing bunch of people. Thats why I’m kinda bummed I have to share them with the January cohort that’s joining us in Year 2. I know things will be different; but I hope the change would be better than what I expect it would be.

I am indeed lucky to have classmates who are absolutely out of their minds sometimes, crazily funny, annoying and irritating all at the same time, but when it comes down to business they always have your backs, and they are very caring too! Now tell me, am I a lucky bitch or what? Let me share with you some of the source of the laughters everyday in law school. They had me named after some weird names.

Femdom (female domination), Ironlady (by ANGELINA KOK), Mulan (they say I look like her), Vivi-K (by CHUIN),  infallibly Invincible (by YAO because he think I have the ‘nothing stops me attitude’).

Told you my classmates were crazy. But I had so much fun in law school, 99.999999% of the time in law school because of them. So if any of you guys are reading this, I really just want to say thank you. For being the source of my laughter. You guys are the reason why I look forward to going to class everyday.

So exams are over. It feels like a hurricane just passed. Messed up my sleeping patterns, eating patterns, time for fun stuff and everything in between. – Cause you know exams always get the best of me. I know, I’m a nerd that way. But hey, the fun part is rearranging my life back. And saying hello to the life I kissed goodbye when I entered law school. I did mention about that in the very first blog post about law school. Click here it is if you missed it.

So yes I did my best so far. I gave a 100%. I know I could have given a 200%. Well, that’ll be my aim for next year. But I count it as a victory now – that I did y best and have no regrets leaving Year 1.

I’ve worked hard. Now its time to play EVEN HARDER (at least for this next four months). And I’ll start doing that by going for the BBQ with my favourite people tonight. And just spending time with them into the night like there’s no tomorrow.

Say hello back to life. I’ve missed you.


2 Responses to “Victory.”

  1. i thought the reason why u look forward to going to class is cuz u have brilliant lecturers… 😛

    seriously, i wholeheartedly agree wif yr views about ‘results’. results are overrated. unfortunately, in our country, results seems to be the only thing that matters. i wish we can change our mindsets about that. i’m trying to – tt’s why i buy my nephew and niece gifts after the exams and before the results. to teach them that wat matters is they tried their best!

    • Vivian K Says:

      Hahahahah why of course sir! If I hadn’t had amazing lecturers, law school would have been a drag. But it evidently wasn’t.

      Yeah I get what you mean. It is indeed a mindset, especially amongst Asians. But thats a wonderful thing you’re doing for your nephew and nieces. Thats how we change mindsets (;

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