So you think you can be a man.

You know that famous rule – that when God says no, He has something better.

This has got something to do with a boy. I was head over heels for that guy, for about a year. We dated. Yes, he was everything I want, everything any girl would want. But now, looking back, I thank God we never got together.

Looking at him now, I see the bigger picture. We’re very different from each other. So different I might suffer.

And Angel said this to me the other day – “like a person for his personality, not his qualities”. Don’t you think its so true?

I shall refrain from saying more. Because I studied Defamation. He might be able to sue me even if I didn’t mention his name.

But who needs boyfriends anyway when you have awesome guy friends like Daniel, Samuel, Ellan and Nicholas that hold the door for you, escort you back home late at night, let you dictate which movie to watch, and drives you around?


4 Responses to “So you think you can be a man.”

  1. Morgan v Odhams-type innuendo? 😛

  2. i agree. hooray for guy friends who were raised to be gentlemen!

    • Vivian K Says:

      Hahahhaha. Amen babe! (and ppl like Ellan who are not raised as a gentleman, try to be one to conform to our demands) HAHA.

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