Because stories about people teach you.

(these movies have been out for quite some time. only gotten the chance to watch it now after exams, so bear with me)

I have just finished watching The Blind Side – starring the amazing Sandra Bullock. Watch the trailer here. It’s a 2009 movie.

And I must say, it’s quite a movie. I have always been deeply moved by movies based on true stories. It was definitely heartwarming.

I walked away learning something more today. I learnt that giving can change one life. Giving can save one life from being wasted, from being thrown away. And that giving here is not just money. Its time. Its effort. Love. Support. Encouragement. It doesn’t cost a single cent, but it can change lives.

I left watching the movie wanting to be just like Leigh Anne (played by Sandra Bullock) when I grow up next time. Yes, she had everything, beautiful house, beautiful car, beautiful children, and an amazing husband. But she never once held back or gave up on Micheal, just because she wanted to change his life. She gave ever so selflessly, wholeheartedly, without asking anything in return. She was so determined to watch this boy excel. I want to be like that someday.

And what I noticed from the movie, her children are just like her. Not only you are helping strangers, but you change your kids too; that they become better people in this world just watching your selfless actions. They become that too. Now I want that if I have a family in the future.

Also, yesterday I watched Ip Man 2 with Angel, Ellan, Samuel, and Daniel.

Although I was never a fan of kung fu or fighting movies, I thoroughly recommend this watch.

I left the theatre learning that we should always be true to ourselves. Our origins. Our culture. Our race. To never let your dignity be compromised. And have your integrity respected as we respect others.

Also, that modesty is what makes a man great. And family should always be our priority in life.

This movie also made me realise that today, we mimic the western culture too closely that we forget ourselves sometimes. We forget our principles and values.

I definitely left the cinema more proud of my origins and where my identity came from.

Now who said watching tv is bad for you?


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