Shut It Down.

It has been a week since I’ve said goodbye to books, exams, Year 1 and my beloved classmates. So law school has come to an interval (a music term for the difference in pitch between two tones).
But that does not mean achieving or growing as a person is to be put on hold. Well, at least not for me. Allow my brain to dissolve away and myself to rot in front of the television? I wish.

I had a list of things to do. This was a list I made less than a week ago.

Nope, thats not even the scary part. My mom wanted the breakdown of my four month’s insane holiday plan (she couldn’t keep track. it is insane alright). So here it is. I amuse myself sometimes.

I have never done this before. Having so many VERY important things all together. But I reckon it was always all in His plan. Jer 29:11.

He will be faithful. He has always been. After all, I am blessed for the opportunity to actually pursue what I have always been passionate about. Keeping in mind that lightning on’t strike the same place twice, I will embrace the opportunity and make this work.

I intend to make it.


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