Because I have a sweet tooth.

Greetings love ones!

So you might be wondering what have I been up to since the holidays commenced. Yes, I have been going out – pictures will be on Facebook for stalking purposes. But other than that (I am still a good homely girl – sometimes) I baked!

Well, it was for daddy’s birthday. I gave him a card and baked a cake with mummy!

A chocolate marble cheesecake, that is.

Dusted lightly on the top with cocoa powder and decorated with white chocolate chips whilst creating the marbled effect.

When daddy was cutting the cake.

Celebrated his birthday also with a home-made potato pie. (minced chicken marinated in delicious sauces and spices and mixed vege, topped with mashed potato and baked till golden brown and crispy)

Yes, I find joy baking for people very dear to me, especially on their special day – their birthday.

I baked for Angel on her birthday earlier this year.

A chocolate moist cake, topped with a thick layer of melted chocolate, decorated with white chocolate chips.

The cuppy cakes was for QC. – quality check.

And surprised her in church with Samuel!10.01.2010

I decided to bake this particular cake because she liked it – when I baked for the fund-raising for the Community Service Society. (to raise funds for a christmas party to be organised at the Trinity Home by selling the cakes and other goodies)

She loved the sides. So I thought it’ll be good to bake her a round cake so she can have the sides in every piece.

Since she’s so special to me, you know.

I baked for last christmas too.

A cheesecake with Oreo biscuit base, topped with Hershey’s chocolate sauce, decorated with chocolate chips.

So yes, I bake for occasions. Want a slice at my bakings? Let me know in advance and I’ll be happy to bake something of your choice.

My best friend bakes too. And she is selling her goodies. In this case, its Blueberry Cheesetarts!

Creamy cheese with a crispy crust and a rich swirl of blueberry.

Available in two sizes.

Mini (3.5 cm in diameter)

Medium (5 cm in diameter)
Set A: Box of 9 pcs (Medium-sized tarts) – RM12
Set B: Box of 16 pcs (Medium-sized tarts) – RM20
Set C: Box of 49 pcs (Mini-sized tarts) – RM40

The cheesetarts can be picked up at the Subang Perdana Goodyear Court 3 guardhouse (opposite the Metro Bus station).

Or delivered at:

+ Subang Parade
+ Summit USJ
+ Sunway Pyramid
+ Taipan Business Centre (USJ 9)
+ Digital Mall (USJ 19)
+ Starbucks (SS 15)
A request or order via email to within a week and delivery will be done on Fridays and Saturdays to the locations mentioned above.
Please include:
Contact number:
Set (eg: Set A):
Quantity (number of boxes):
Delivery date (if any):
Delivery location:

Ain’t it great to have a best friend who bakes as well – and is awesome at it. Satisfaction guaranteed, really. Order some and you’ll see.
So that’s about it, my baking story, slotting in an advert for my best friend’s baking as well.I hope you drooled enjoyed reading this post. Till then, lotsalove. x
Click on the pictures for a better view.

2 Responses to “Because I have a sweet tooth.”

  1. You are awesome! Thank you soo much babe!! 🙂 And I’d really love to try some of your homemade cakes one day. They look so delicious. Keep on baking, you have some talent here!

    Love you!

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