My husband.

His name is Usher.

So I’ve missed couple of concerts this year and last year; Beyonce (she FFK-ed), Neyo, Pitbull, AND NOW USHER.

Missed Neyo and Pitbull because of exams and the workload that came along with law school. Now Usher because his tickets are too damn expensive.

Then I told myself, its alright – I’ll study hard and earn good money and go for whatever concerts next time. But how if I become some crazy workaholic in the future, no time to enjoy myself.

So, this is a blardy vicious cycle you know. Life as a law student – no time for anything other than law and anything related to it. And later no time for anything but work. Joy.

FYI, I’m still waiting for the tickets to fall out of the sky.


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