Celebrate indulgences.

Lemme start this entry with thanking the Lord for blessing me tremendously. With an awesome mom, and time spent with her.

Headed down to the city for some shopping today. Bought a floral top, three yummy formal shirts and two hip hugging formal skirts. Then, mummy brought me to Starhill Gallery to have a little feast.

We stopped by Shook!.

And ordered, and ordered, and ordered.

Caesar salad, lightly dressed with mayonaise, topped with toasted bread cubes and juicy grilled prawns on the side.

Foot long chicken and cheese sausage, with mashed potato in brown sauce.

Prawn spaghetti olio.

Japanese style deep fried chicken.

Kung pao chicken served with warm mun dao.

Mocktails: Cranberry Mint Mojito and Blue Hawaian.

Then we adjorned to Fisherman’s Cove.

And ordered some more!

Aglio Olio Spaghetini with Molip Clams.

Deep Fried Calamari with Garlic Mayonaise.

Smooth (and almost creamy) soy bean pudding with gula melaka and topped with cincau jelly.

Mixed Fruit Tea Mint Mocktail and Pink Guave Juice.

Both restaurants are highly recommended, darlinks.

Life is yummay.

Indulge in every moment. Savour life.


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