There will be times when it seems like you’ve tried your best, gave your best, brought your best. But someone else would turn out to be better than you. Then you sit back and think, reflect, and you learn two things:

1. Note that I chose the word ‘seem’. It might feel like you did your best. But giving 100% might not be the best you can bring. Perhaps if you really push yourself and have a little more determination, you might be able to give 200%. So even now when you get that you can do much better, and not have really brought your best, you move forward. Aiming for the best. Yes you’ve worked hard, but let that go. Thats the past and its over. It was a step forward. Now you got to continue to move forward and work even harder.

2. Never compare yourself to others. Everyone is very different. Some might have the benefit of being trained since they were todlers. So keep the blinders up on both sides. Focus on your goal. And nothing else should matter. Nothing else should distract. Tunnel vision. – Sugar Ray Leonard.

What am I talking about? Piano exams would be one of the things. I have 4-5 more days till the exams. I absolutely have a passion for music. But having a passion for it doesn’t mean I’m fantastic at it. I do love to play the piano. I used to learn how to play songs by ear. Then I decided to learn how to read music, so I went for classes. Just last year I passed Grade 2, with distinctions. This year I’d be taking Grade 5. And next year, I hope to take Grade 7. As much as I love to play, I’ve seen people younger than me play so well, at grades higher than mine.

So going back to the two pointers I’ve learnt. Give 200% instead of just 100%, and never compare yourself to others.

Also, I’d like to apply what I’ve learnt during moots. It has been one week since Law Asia was over. Though I didn’t win I’ve learnt so much. Apart from the skills of mooting, I’ve learnt how to learn from your mistakes, I’ve learnt humility and the art of pressing on. I’ve also learnt that you have to be mentally strong in many ways. One of it is to have the ability to focus on using the 20 minutes to impress the judges. Just that 20 minutes.

So yes, I’m going to apply that here. Just 15 minutes to impress my piano examiner.

Breathe, girl. And go for it.

You take back what’s been taken
Get on your knees and dig down deep
You can do what you think is impossible
Keep on believing, don’t give in.


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