Sweet little hideout.

Greetings stalkers people!So what have I been up to since Law Asia Moots are over? More law! At a law firm, that is. A very very nice, cosy and posh one. Chooi & Co is the name.

Lemme show you a sneak peek of how my work place looks like.

I absolutely love how the morning sunshine falls so beautifully on my papers and books.

What a treat. I have a view of the beautiful twin towers whilst at work. It was then I really did appreciate how beautiful they were.

My desk is in the corner of the library. I’m glad I get to see the sun. (because I leave my house at 6.45am and gets home by 7.30pm – last firm I worked at I didn’t get to see the sun at all!)

This is another corner of the library, for internet access. I love the lamps. So pretty.

I almost always have the whole library to myself. I love the quiet. Well, its a much needed break from the hectic past few weeks.

(will blog about Law Asia soon! Stay tuned.)

So I’ve always told myself to give my best, in whatever you do. I will here. I love this place.

And yes, the people are friendly! (but then again, most law firms have such friendly people around. maybe its just naturally that way)

I always give my best. Because I always want the best for myself.


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