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Dreams do come true.

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If you’ve been following my blog posts, you’d know that I’ve been interning with the politician, YB Hannah Yeoh, ADUN Subang Jaya.

Well, let me share something with you. To me, she’s not just another politician. I have looked up to her since I heard her speak at the election campaigns in March 2008. Yes, I was among those gathered under the rain and in the muddy fields, not bothered about the uncomfortableness and just absolutely taken aback from the speeches that were delivered.

I told my friend who stood beside me, I want to be like her someday.

I also had this little wish in my heart, that I would want to work alongside DAP to help her.

A year or two passed, I never forgotten about how amazing she was. Her office organised a town hall in the area of my residency early this year. Of course I went.

That was Tony Pua, (MP) speaking.

And that’s Hannah Yeoh (ADUN) speaking.

And yes, I went up to her and told her I really looked up to her and used to aspire to be a politician. (I used to blog about politics till my parents told me to stop it, understandably worried)

She offered me an internship with her.

Just today, I was there helping her in a town hall in SS14.

That’s her speaking.

As I was standing at the little corner observing everything, savouring every moment of this work, I thought to myself, dreams do come true.

I was once just a spectator in the crowd, one of the faces in a town hall. But now I’m working for her, helping her so that the town hall goes well.

Its crazy sometimes, how things work out. I never thought I could be this blessed. Well, thank you, Lord.


A note to self.

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Remember, you cannot please everyone in this world. Its not your job to please everyone in this world. Yes, you learn to apologise in advance, even when you do not know what you did.

But all that matters is to live a life full of purpose. To have everything you do, be a worship unto Him. Because life is short, you live life to the fullest. That would mean taking risks, loving those who despise you, and having a life full of laughter.

A life full of laughter, not at the expense of another of course. But its definitely not your job to please everyone in this world.

You don’t run after pleasing men. You run after pleasing God. And hence, you choose to love (instead of pleasing) men.

Always remember that.

With all that I am.

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I followed YB Hannah Yeoh to City Harvest Church as she was officiating the Blood Donation Drive.

I decided to be a part of the event.

People filling up and buzzing around City Harvest Church auditorium.

The brave donors beside me.

One of the nurses.

They made us watch some cartoon while we were donating blood. Cute. I guess its so that we won’t be that tensed up or nervous.

Yup there were a few first time donors, understandably nervous. Well, with the sight of your own thick red blood oozing out into a bag and a thick needle piercing through your skin into your vein – you would be nervous.

But strange, I didn’t feel nervous. Those around me were astonished, expecting me, a first time donor to be well, at least, slightly terrified. I thought it was weird that the feel of being nervous did not cross my mind at all. Then I thought about it.

Maybe its all about being fearless. Maybe its all about thinking of the bigger picture. About being able to save few lives with this choice I’ve made. Maybe its about being selfless; not thinking about myself but those who really need the blood. Maybe thats why I wasn’t nervous.

I donated 450cc of my blood today. That would have allowed me the opportunity to save four lives. (do correct me if I’m wrong)

Everyone is allowed to donate blood every three months. I’m going to make this a habit. If there’s an opportunity for me to save lives, I’m going to grab hold of this opportunity.

Plus, my blood type is O. If you didn’t know, blood type O is most compatible and accepted by any other blood type receipients. Which means, regardless if you’re a blood type A, B, AB or O, you can take in blood type O. Whereas some blood type, like A can only be received by A or AB.

So yeah, its like awesome my blood type can be received by anyone. I see it as an opportunity to save lives.

HY said in her speech “Not even people like Bill Gates or those inventors can create and churn out blood. This is something we cannot make. And what you all are doing today is a very nobel thing and it is something close to the heart of God,”

BTW, here’s some cool facts I’ve found on the internet.

It seems (according to Japanese research) different blood types have different personalities. Here’s mine. Read up about yours here.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I got a bubu on both arms. Because first, the nurse pierced into my right arm. The blood transfer was coming along. Until suddenly it terkeluar from my vein. So yes, I had to be pierced again on the left arm. And the nurse inserted the needle in nice and deep alright. I turned away, afraid to look. Now my left arm hurts with the slightest movement. But I’m an oh so happy girl for donating some of my blood!

Hopefully little gesture will allow another to have a second chance in life.

Nope, I’m not a person that just talks about making a difference.

Protected: Another escape.

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Accomplishing new things.

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I’m on my summer break and there’s 16 days thats left of it. I want to do as many things I can possibly do before I drown in Year Two of law school.

I’m currently working (a job I absolutely love) and fortunately, I do have time to make the most of the remaining time I have. Working hours are only 1-7pm and only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I work on Thursday nights 8-10pm. Sometimes I’d get the privilege of following my boss to meetings out of the office hours. But other than that I’d be able to do the things I want to do.

Often these things are often relating to my growth in life. I want to learn as much I can when I get the opportunity to, you see.

This summer break, I have

1. Strengthened my walk with God by praying and reading the bible every morning I wake up and before I sleep.
2. I am in the process of writing for Loyar Burok.
3. I wrote a song for my best friend. I’m just left with putting a melody and tune to it.
4. Learn to sight read music notes a little better.
5. I have become more politically aware by reading and discussing issues.

And as I am doing all these and juggling between time for work and time for friends, I’m learning how to manage my time better.

Things are falling into place because I’ve chose to put Him first. And I’m very glad I did. After all, at the very end of the day, thats the one thing that will count above everything else. Above every accomplishment.

Outrageous me.

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I’m a person who likes to make a statement. I like to be bold.

And they always say our fashion style and hairdo would reflect a person’s personality.

I just got my hair done – and I dyed my entire head a bright reddish brown and rehighlighted my pink/reddish strips.

Gosh I’m still getting used to it.

I freaking look like a gangsta. Its bold alright.

But not the best idea of a hairdo when following a politician around. Hope I don’t scare her later when she sees me. =D

Oh happiness.

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I PASSED MY PIANO EXAM which I was ranting about not being able to pass it for sure.

Okay gotta work harder for next exam. And make sure I get distinctions again.

My God is good.