The summer begins.

Oh I feel so merry right now.

  • Attachment at SL&B – DONE
  • Law Asia mooting – DONE
  • Attachment at C&C – DONE
  • Piano Practical Exam – DONE
  • Piano Theory Exam – DONE

(in that order)

and i survived, baybeh.

Oh thank the Lord above for seeing me through each and every obstacle. From pulling my hairs out for moots, to enduring the public transport to KL and reaching home half dead, from playing the piano for at least 3 hours a day till my back hurts like shiz, and to doing more than 20 sets of past year theory of music papers. I’m finally done.

Now, the summer begins. Summer is when we do what we love. When we indulge in the things we want to do. And yes, that is precisely what I am currently doing.

I’m interning in Hannah Yeoh’s SJ ADUN office. Today marks the first day of my work. AND HELL YEAH I LOVE MY JOB. In interning with her, she’ll bring me to meetings with authorities, residents, complainants. She’ll throw me loads of stuff to organise – like a town hall session with the residents. I’ll get to really see the issues and needs of the people in Subang Jaya, and help solve it with her. She’s been herself – amazing, that is. She’s an amazing boss. We have political conversations and she does ask my point of view on things. One day with her and I’ve learnt to much. Never felt more fulfilled in life when working.

Could this be what I want to do with my law degree few years down the road? Too soon to tell.

I still think I’ve always want to be a teacher. I want to pour into people’s life. Well, today I’ve completed my piano theory exam (as stated above) and the exam was held in my secondary school. I can’t believe how at home I still feel when I step into the compound – probably it’s because I spent 5 freaking years in that prison place. I greeted some of my teachers (and surprisingly they still remember me despite I’ve grown so much fatter) and chatted with the school guard. Then I thought to myself, hey I really want to make a change in classrooms. I want to change a few lives.

Looking back, I guess it was always in me to want to teach (with the little I know). When I was about 8 or 9, I used to make ABC exercises for the younger kids around 4 or 5. In high school I loved Sejarah, and I wouldn’t mind teaching and retelling the ‘stories’ I learnt from my amazing tuition teacher. In A Levels, I volunteered as a tutor for Law and Economics, and taught two classmates – with the little I knew. And in law school – also with the bits I knew I tried my best in helping by drawing mind maps, and sharing my notes with those who camped at the library along with me. I don’t know, I just love to teach. But I might not be able to teach to save my life. But that’s not the point here. Point is, I love to teach.

But if I really do teach in my secondary school, I’ll be a poor law graduate. And plus, the teachers that once taught me might tell the students how I always slept in class, ate in class and made a lot of noise in class, oh, and not do my homework all the time. A point to note, Vivian.

Yeah so these two jobs are on my mind now. Politics and teaching. So, if I may ask you, what does both the jobs stated above have in common? It is to make a difference. To be a service to others. I guess that’s my dream.

And life’s awesome when you do what you love. Remember that.

Multiple times have people told me not to go into politics. To attach at law firms and not with a political party as it is not related to the course I’m studying. To work for my previous employer who is offering me to assist him again (conveyancing firm). Well, I’m glad I did it my way. I’m glad I’m doing what makes me happy and fulfilled. No, this internship does not pay. Whereas working in the conveyancing firm may pay me a few hundred bucks. But sorry, I’d rather say no to money and run after satisfaction in life.

Remember that if you don’t do what you love, you’ll be forced to love what you do. And what I absolutely would love, is to give back. To serve others.

Service is the rent you pay for living.


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