A new found love.

I’d like to think I have a thirst for knowledge. I’m a kind of person who is enthusiastic about learning. Whether it is intelletual or self development, I’m always eager to know more, learn more and improve.

Some may say I’m an overachiever. Which I beg to differ. Because there are so many things in life I’ve not achieved yet. I think I have alot to improve on. Sometimes I wish I didn’t waste my high school years and pre university days away without living life to learn. But I have also learnt that the past shall remain the past and what I can do now is to focus on the present to shape my future.

So recently (alas, after the whirlwind of moots, attachements and piano exams are over and on my summer holidays) I have been immersing myself on countless reading materials.

I used to love reading when I was a kid as mummy always took me to the public library (which was used to be) near my house. I remember finishing the whole series of Enid Blyton. I loved reading to the point I would read and not want to have my dinner because I was too immersed in the book. Then somehow or rather I stopped. I can’t recall why. (Maybe its because mom scolded me for not eating my dinner [laughs]) Then when I had to pick up reading as it was essential for my course, (even in A Levels) I stuggled to have my eyes peeled on the book. I used to loath reading long winded judgments of cases too. Well, mooting did help me improve on that.

But it was just recently I had the luxury of being able to drown in good reads again. And I absolutely am crazy about reading more and more now. Anything – political comments and articles, inspiring reads, anything that would enable me to ponder thoughts in becoming a better person everyday.

Food for thought:

If I were to read what intrigues me, then  I would finish the magazine the same person I was when I started. So I read it all. – Bill Gates.

Even someone who is often looked up to by the young and old, Hannah Yeoh says she is always learning. Every single day. In working with her, and in sharing thoughts about the government, I have also learnt that we are our own govenrnment. We have to take responsibility, in leading our lives everyday.

“If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.” – Les Brown

Well I’m doing that by savouring every blessing that comes my way, embracing challenges and tough times and be sure I’ll learn from it. And well, by reading to be a better person everyday.

It does feel good knowing that you’re growing.

Stop refreshing Facebook for the hundreth time and go pick up a book to read.

Pleasant week, everyone.


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