Accomplishing new things.

I’m on my summer break and there’s 16 days thats left of it. I want to do as many things I can possibly do before I drown in Year Two of law school.

I’m currently working (a job I absolutely love) and fortunately, I do have time to make the most of the remaining time I have. Working hours are only 1-7pm and only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I work on Thursday nights 8-10pm. Sometimes I’d get the privilege of following my boss to meetings out of the office hours. But other than that I’d be able to do the things I want to do.

Often these things are often relating to my growth in life. I want to learn as much I can when I get the opportunity to, you see.

This summer break, I have

1. Strengthened my walk with God by praying and reading the bible every morning I wake up and before I sleep.
2. I am in the process of writing for Loyar Burok.
3. I wrote a song for my best friend. I’m just left with putting a melody and tune to it.
4. Learn to sight read music notes a little better.
5. I have become more politically aware by reading and discussing issues.

And as I am doing all these and juggling between time for work and time for friends, I’m learning how to manage my time better.

Things are falling into place because I’ve chose to put Him first. And I’m very glad I did. After all, at the very end of the day, thats the one thing that will count above everything else. Above every accomplishment.


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