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Because He said: come to Me.

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The word was the gift of evangelising.

I’ve been too far for too long. Therefore I will run into His arms again. Like a child in awe of you, with a thirsty heart waiting to be flooded.

I never want to lose my focus on Him again. I will be faithful, Lord.

I live for

You alone.


And I will put You first. Even if that means having to sacrifice certain things.


I’m still standing.

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Play it.


I have successfully passed my Grade 5 piano exams. Both practical and theory of music.

I recalled, it was a tough time I had to go through. I was struggling with Law Asia mooting because I’ve let a misunderstanding get to me; and after that playing horribly for my piano exam, and as if I didn’t screw up enough, I screwed the Tchaikovsky piece at the piano concert as well. That was lowest moments of my life this year.

I felt like a failure, and everything that could go wrong went wrong, one after another. I was at the edge of giving up, even wanting to just quit playing for a concert and not continuing my piano exams. I felt like I couldn’t take any more blows.

But I guess He thought differently.

I was certain He whispered in my heart when I was worshipping in church. I stood there feeling battered, with a thirsty heart was waiting to be flooded. Then He said I will never put you through something you cannot handle.

And sure enough, through all this I have become a better person. A stronger person.

After some words of encouragement from my dad, telling me not to give up, talking about Thomas Edison, I stepped out of all the emotions that weighed me down and stood up again. I simply chose not to care about the mistakes I made and worked hard for the next important thing – my piano theory exam.

I chose not to allow my past affect the future in which I have control of at that time. I did countless past year Theory of Music papers, yes even on the bumpy bus and monorail to Chooi & Co for the attachment (because I was working 8.30am-5.30pm and having piano classes at night), went to my piano teacher’s house and made sure I was sure and confident I knew what that was needed to know before the theory exam the next day.

Yes, it sounds easy being able to do that. But just imagine you feel like you did your best and still things didn’t turn out the way it should be. And you feel like you’ve failed your family, teachers, and yourself. I felt really lousy. And from feeling the worst kind of degree of awfulness, you have to tell yourself to forget about that feeling and move forward. Channeling all the thought from being emotional to thinking about how to pass my theory exam and being positive about it at the same time. Not very easy, folks. But I did it.

And I’m done with Grade 5 of theory with a Merit. (I took the Grade 2 last year and skipped to Grade 5 this year)

The summer break I had after Year 1 and before Year 2 started really did shape me. Other than learning from the internships I did and the experience mooting, the piano exams I did and passed (and juggling all of that at the same time), I’ve learnt so much more from the adversaries I had to overcome. The things textbooks or school would never teach.

I most definitely have grown alot during the four months of my summer break.

And I have You to thank for.

And  above all this I’ve weathered, you have no idea how amazing it is to be able to say

I did it.

I’m still standing.

Two things you can take from my story.

1) Always always always put God first. Then things will be easier. Because I recalled, during that period of hurricane I been through, I was trying to do everything with my own strength when it should be His strength I should be turning to.

2) Never ever ever give up.

Sworn to celibacy.

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Till I meet him.


Towards my First Love and the Love to come.

Singlehood is great but there should be no more random tastings of men.

Hello Year 2 of Law School.

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I’m taking Constitutional & Administrative Law, Equity & Trust Law, Land Law, and International Law.

Not the picking of my choice, not my favourite. But heck I’ll make it work.

Picture courtesy of Dory & Fillet.

But I don’t wanna just keep my head above water. I want to be Michael Phelps.

Now thats what I’m talking about.

Making every second of life count.

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I’m into my second week of Year 2, and I absolutely love what I’m doing.

Juggling studies, work and little achievements in between.

Don’t get me wrong, its not something I’d take credit for. On the contrary, I’m humbled by God’s given strength to be able to finish writing an article as a contributing Malaysian (which would be editted and published soon),  planning an Event for the Disabled People with Hannah’s office, doing piano covers of songs dedicating it to my best friend, having time for family and friends and my dog; doing all this and at the same time keeping my head above water in Year 2 with a tight grip on all lectures and tutorials.

I love keeping myself occupied with things that I enjoy, and hopefully would enrich others.

I wouldn’t have the strength without You.

Life’s short. Let every moment of life be like a gift you’ve receive, only to give away. That way, life multiples.

Theme song for Year 2.

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Lord be


Light up, light up.

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I really miss working. But anyways, this is yet a new chapter I’d have to embrace – whether I like it or not. Say hello to Year Two law school! I’ve successfully survived the first day of law school, three lectures from 8.00am to 5.30pm. And you talk about Monday blues. But well, I figured, even though I’m not doing subjects I’d like to do in Year 2, I gotta be a little optimistic. Then just maybe, I might not have to drag myself through Year 2.

I totally like my new lecturers too. I did tell myself to give them time to deliver what they have for us, and yes they did surprise me. See what they always tell you to not judge beforehand. (;

So year two has commenced. Okay I have to stop being in denial I’m still in my summer break. Year two deserves a little bit more of my attention.

They always say good is the enemy of great. Well, Thomas Edison was a great inventor.

My dad talks about Thomas Edison in encouraging me not to give up (when I thought I failed my piano exam). I don’t always listen to my dad HAHA but he’s right on this one.

I gave it a little thought and then realised that, because of Thomas Edison, even the nights can be bright.

He made a choice. An important one – to never give up.

That because of that choice, many reap the blessings of his harvest, till today.

These are a few quotes from the man himself.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.”

“We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present.”

“There is no substitute for hard work.”

“I never did a day’s work in my life – it was all fun.”

I want to bring this to Year 2 of law school. To always have fun in ‘work’. So I won’t have to put my life on hold, like I did in Year 1.

I guess I’d want to manage time better this year, juggling Grade 6 piano exams, going for sports, doing covers for songs, writing for LoyarBurok, composing and writing songs, and above all, doing better for Year 2.

I have a feeling this academic year would be enjoyable. I’m going to do things I love, and things I have a passion for. Only.

Yes, I have a passion for the abovesaid and yes, reading law.

Bring it, baybeh.