I don’t think there’s such a thing called a happy ending.

Because all endings are sad. And if its a closing of a chapter, it would almost always mean there is a beginning of another one. The beginning of Year 2 of law school, that is.

This was the only internship I’ve done which I didn’t mind working odd hours for. Didn’t mind sacrificing alot of time for other things for. Didn’t count the days I’d look forward to ending this internship. Simply because I didn’t want it to end.

Me: I absolutely love my job. But I can’t be interning forever, can I.

Hannah: You should run for elections.

*awkward laugh*
But it has indeed been eveything I’ve dreamed of. Getting a taste of a job that is so fulfilling. Working with a higher purpose and drive. Working with someone I look up to, that has the same values like I do. Values like integrity, gratitude, and share the same beliefs.

I never thought this would happen to me. I can’t begin to tell you how blessed I am, given this opportunity. I really really am. Really.



7 Responses to “I don’t think there’s such a thing called a happy ending.”

  1. Dear Vivian,

    I read your post on Hannah Yeoh’s blog and I’m inspired by your boldness and challenge to the Prime Minister!

    Keep it up, you’ve got my support if you run for politics, even though I’m still all the way in Autralia!

    • Thanks Jason! I absolutely appreciate your encouragement and support. Malaysia needs more people with a mentality like you.

  2. *Australia

  3. Hi Vivian, I just read your article in Hannah Yeoh’s blog! Opps..though it was posted way back! I must say, it is such a remarkable article! Salute you for that!

    We need people like you in Malaysia to say “Yes We Can” for a better good! Keep it up!! Cheers!

    • Thank you so much Yew Soon. I’m glad to know you share the same dream for Malaysia. We need more people like you who care for our country. =D

  4. Wohoo! Glad that you made the right choice to go intern under YB Hannah Yeoh. She is one of those hard working YBs that care of the people first. I do hope you can consider being a YB in the future. For now, we aim for a better Malaysia and help our community forward.

    • Vivian K Says:

      Hi Jarod,
      Thank you so much for the encouragement. To consider being a YB? I’m not sure if I can ever be good enough :b
      but I’ll certainly stand for Malaysia till the end. Its great to hear from someone that loves the country as much as I do. Keep it up!

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