Making every second of life count.

I’m into my second week of Year 2, and I absolutely love what I’m doing.

Juggling studies, work and little achievements in between.

Don’t get me wrong, its not something I’d take credit for. On the contrary, I’m humbled by God’s given strength to be able to finish writing an article as a contributing Malaysian (which would be editted and published soon),  planning an Event for the Disabled People with Hannah’s office, doing piano covers of songs dedicating it to my best friend, having time for family and friends and my dog; doing all this and at the same time keeping my head above water in Year 2 with a tight grip on all lectures and tutorials.

I love keeping myself occupied with things that I enjoy, and hopefully would enrich others.

I wouldn’t have the strength without You.

Life’s short. Let every moment of life be like a gift you’ve receive, only to give away. That way, life multiples.


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