I love the holidays.

You know why? Because then I have extra time to catch up on life, family, friends and the late night dates with law books. And I finished writing another article.

I celebrated by grandma’s birthday back at my hometown and had a blast with my cousins.

Secret Recipe cake.

And when I was back in Subang I spent one of the days going to the gym, overeating and singing my heart and lungs karaoke-ing with the new friends. No picture available because they decided to turn off all the lights.  ._.

Then I went to watch Life As You Know It with Ashwathy and Angelina. Girl’s day out to catch up. No picture available because I was too lazy to flip my camera out.

And today I had a splendid day out lunching with Brenda at Full House. I’m so proud of myself for being disciplined. I ordered this:

Caesar Salad tossed with toasted bread cubes, topped with sprinkles of cheese served with Smoked Salmon. Beetroot cream soup. Ice lemon tea.

Peppermint Chocolate Cake.

And as I was driving back, I began to notice how beautiful the flowers planted by the roads were.

Look how they bloom for you.



When you appreciate little things in life.


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