I really don’t know what I want for Christmas.

That could only mean two things:

1. I already have everything.

2. I’m satisfied with what I have.

Well, I certainly do not have everything in life. But I have everything I need in life.

I have a beautiful comfortable home, parents who are proud of me, amazing friends I laugh and cry with, a car to drive around, an opportunity to study what I’ve always wanted, enough money to eat when I’m hungry, watch movies, and even to give away, a phone to use, piano lessons to improve, incredible lecturers, a church I can grow in and serve, opportunities to travel with my family, an internet to go on the social networks and to do my work, a laptop to work with, nice clothes to go out with.

Yes I often think about the coveted iPhone4, Blackberry and iPad and how I’d be able to tweet and read tweets more conveniently. But why should I even be asking for such things? I already have everything I need. And I’m happy because I choose to not let these material things inhibit my definition of happiness.

I’m so very happy and satisfied with what I have. And I say that with all of my heart.

My life

is complete.

Blessed Christmas. May you have a very fulfilling one.


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