I had the best new year’s eve ushering in a brand new year.

My friend thought 2010 seems like the fastest year ever. I couldn’t agree more.

I spent my new year out with Siew Fong. By the grace of God, we got a nice parking (close to 11pm where everywhere was jammed and busy) and well, she really wanted to see fireworks. I brought her and yeah we were two crazy screaming happy bitches when the sky lit up. Our faces lit up too.

Then, the initial plan was to go partying, or drinking at a bar. And then we decided it would be so much better if we grabbed a bag of chips and headed back home to recap 2010 together, and make new goals for 2011. I did that last year, on my own with a glass of wine. But this year I get to share and do it with someone really dear to me, who can share my dreams and goals.

We had a very thoughtful conversation, keeping each other in check. And sharing our past and our dreams for the future.

Bag of chips: RM1.90

Most meaningful way of starting the new year: Priceless.


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